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Siberian Iris

Very good landscape plants.  Foliage resembles a clump of ornamental grass. Siberian iris like moister, slightly acidic, rich soil, but can tolerate a wide range of moisture levels, soils, and light exposure. They are fairly drought tolerant after they are established.  Bloom season is right after TBs.

Not Available  At The Crossroads  2009  Schafer/Sacks S. smoky white veined soft violet, smoky yellow edge; style arms smoky white to yellow, hints of blue green at midrib; F. pale smoky-purple washed, dappled and veined darker, purple strongest at signal which is gold heavily veined dark purple; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Banish Misfortune   2000  Schafer/ Sacks S. medium light bluebird blue, veined darker; style arms lighter, with dark midrib; F. lobelia blue on lower portion, veined darker, remainder covered by large signal of dark mimosa yellow on haft paling on blade, with deep purple veins; slight fragrance 

$6.00  Bellissima  1986  B. Warburton S. white, greenish off-white tinge when fresh; styles fringed at midrib with floret crests; F. same with fine dark green lines raying out; ruffled.

$12.00  Bells & Whistles  2006  Schafer/Sacks S. medium red-violet, more blue violet toward tip; darker veining at heart; style arms light red-violet, bright blue midrib, darker red-violet tips and curls; F. purple, veined darker, red-violet highlights on left shoulder, signal very pale yellow to gold, dark purple veins and dashing; ruffled; slight fragrance.

 $6.00 Berlin Ruffles  1994  T. Tamberg S. medium blue; F. velvety medium blue; ruffled

Not Available  Berries & Cream  2008  Schafer/Sacks S. medium to dark blue-violet, darkest at edge and in veins; style arms shades of blue violet; F. creamy to white at edge, veined blue violet throughout, soft gold hafts; small flowers; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Book Of Secrets  2000  Schafer/Sacks S. chalky white, haft pale yellow; style arms pearly white, warm yellow cast; F. chalky white, very pale lavender flush, deep golden yellow signal blending into light yellow.

Not Available  Bridal Jig  1993  Schafer/Sacks White, small crescent-shaped deep yellow signal; style arms white; slight fragrance.

 $8.00 Butterfly Fountain  2000  T. Tamberg White, F. with small brownish yellow signal.

Not Available  Cape Cod Boys  2009  Schafer/Sacks S. blue violet ground, dappled, washed and veined darker; style arms light blue-violet; F. dappled blue-violet, darker dappling and veining and wide band of dark blue-violet dappling, pale blue-violet edge, signal gold to yellow to pale yellow lightly veined blue violet; slight sweet fragrance.

$8.00  China Spring  1999  Bauer/Coble S. light blue; style arms pallid blue; F. medium blue, darker veins, light blue petal edges, white blaze.

$20.00  Cinnamon Sugar  2010  Schafer/Sacks S. palest red-violet, pale yellow edge; style arms cream, dull blue midribs, yellow tips; F. chocolate pink, signal yellow gold, chocolate pink speckles and veins overall; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Countess Cathleen  1997  Schafer/Sacks S. very pale blue violet, pale blue violet veining; style arms same, with yellow heart, tiny ruffles; F.pale blue violet with darker shoulder edge and veining; signals clean white, light green center, yellow at haft edges, veined blue violet

Not Available  Creme Caramel  2003  Schafer/Sacks S. cream to pale yellow; style arms white to cream, tips and midrib yellow; F. smooth pink over yellow to give caramel effect, signal yellow to deep yellow with caramel veining.

$6.00 Dancing Shadows  1994  A. Miller  S. purple; F. same, but velvety upper half appears darker, tiny white eye signal.

Not Available  Devil’s Dream  1990  Schafer/Sacks S. wine red; style arms lighter red; F. velvety red, purple blaze around signal; ruffled.

Not Available  Dirigo Black Velvet  1999  J. White Very dark purple overlaid with velvety black sheen, F. with prominent gold signal; style arms dark purple

$8.00  Drowsy Maggie  2002  Schafer/Sacks S. medium purple, slight yellow undertoning; style arms same, sides bluer; F. purple over yellow giving smoky effect, creamy yellow signal with purple veining and speckles; slight fragrance.

$8.00  Echo The Wind  1999  Schafer/Sacks S. light blue violet, lighter edge, slightly darker veins; style arms pearly light blue, blue green midrib, yellow tips; F. blue violet over yellow base, large yellow signal with deep blue veins, 1/16"-1/8" canary yellow petal rim.

Not Available  Elegance And Simplicity  2001  Schafer/Sacks White self, lemon yellow signal; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Emily Anne  2002  R. Hollingworth S. medium blue violet, speckled cream; style arms medium blue purple, cream edge, blue keel; F. cream shading to yellow at haft, no signal, outer edge dashed medium blue purple; tailored.

$10.00  Erste Sahne  2005  T. Tamberg Cream white self; F. wide; signal yellow.

$20.00  Fiona  2010  Schafer/Sacks S. light orchid-pink; style arms white, dull blue midrib; F. orchid pink, signal white to yellow veined orchid pink, sometimes red halo.

Not Available  Floating Candles  2003  Schafer/ Sacks S. cream; style arms pearly white, faint yellow midrib, pale yellow tips, anthers red violet; F. smooth light naples yellow, small signal with red violet dots and dashes over gold; slight fragrance

$6.00 Flutter By Butterfly  1997  R. Hollingworth S. light blue; style arms very light blue, feathered; F. clear medium light blue, small white signal; ruffled

$20.00  Flying Fiddles  2010  Schafer/Sacks S. very pale pinkish cream, yellow to gold edges; style arms cream, yellow accents; F. pale red-violet over yellow ground, clean yellow edges, signal bright yellow, few red-violet veins; slight sweet fragrance.

$6.00  Frosted Cranberry  1992  A. Miller S. red violet, aqua veins; F. darker, veined darker, greenish hafts and signal; spathes red

$15.00  Ginger Twist  2009  Schafer/Sacks S. lavender, darker dappling; style arms pale gold with pearly pale lavender area between midrib and yellow edge; F. pinkish-brown gold, red purple speckles overall; brighter gold stitching on edges, large bright yellow signal veined pinkish-brown gold; small flowers; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$6.00  Harpswell Velvet  1991  C. McEwen S. dark blue purple; styles 1"; F. darker velvety blue purple, white signal

$6.00  Helicopter  1988  H. Shidara F. violet, gold leaf signal

$10.00  Here Be Dragons  2003  Schafer/Sacks S. pale yellow highlighted darker, warm yellow rim; style arms cream to yellow, deeper tips, prominent blue violet heart; F. dark yellow overlaid blue violet, yellow rim, warm yellow signal with few blue veins; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Hot Sketch  2008  Schafer/Sacks S. white with lavender violet wash; F. dark rose with yellow signal and yellow edge

$12.00  Humors of Whiskey  2007  Schafer/Sacks S. blend of pale violet, pale yellow and buff; style arms pale yellow, golden tips, greenish midrib; F. blend of pink over yellow appearing pinky golden-brown, signal yellow to reddish gold, mostly hidden.

$6.00  i. Sanguinea Kamayama   Dark blue-violet self; spathes red

$8.00  Imperial Opal  2002  Bauer/ Coble S. lavender pink; style arms absent; F. lavender pink, barely noticeable light yellow green blaze, slightly darker veins and speckling extending outward; multiple petal (12-20) hose-in-hose form

$8.00  In Full Sail  2000  Schafer/ Sacks S. white to cream; style arms cream shaded yellow, large and upright, petaloid crest curls; F. creamy canary yellow, deeper signal with green veins

$15.00  Jerry Murphy  2008  Schafer/Sacks S. white edged in peach; F. peachy rose with yellow signals.

Not Available  Jewelled Crown  1987  R. Hollingworth  Deep wine red, circular gold blaze on ruffled F., fading to white.

$8.00  Jiggles  2001  Bauer/ Coble S. light blue; style arms light blue, midrib turquoise, edges and crests ruffled; F. light blue, veined slightly darker, light yellow signal with white halo, ruffled

$8.00  Just Cruising  2001  Schafer/Sacks S. pale primrose yellow; style arms paler primrose yellow, darker curls, tips and midrib; F. sulphur yellow, bright canary yellow signal; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$8.00  Kaboom  2001  Bauer/ Coble  Navy blue, F. with gold and white sunburst blaze; ruffled, horizontal; multiple petal hose-in-hose form

Not Available   Kiss The Girl   2004  Schafer / Sacks S. light yellow; style arms pale yellow with darker tips and midrib; F. bright yellow, signal deep yellow, blended into falls; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Lady’s Chain  2005  Schafer / Sacks S. open bright yellow, fade to light yellow; style arms light yellow; F. bright yellow, does not fade, raised signal same color as F.

$8.00  Lavender Fair  2000  R. Hollingworth S. and style arms light lavender and blue mix; F. medium lavender, large ivory signal; ruffled

$6.00  Lee's Blue  1994  Bauer/Coble  S. light blue with some violet shading; style arms light blue with darker blue midrib; F. medium light blue ground, veined darker blue, large white blaze around yellow signal; ruffled.

$15.00  Lemon Blush  2008  R. Hollingworth S. white, yellow midrib; style arms white, feathered; F. pale yellow fading to ivory, deeper yellow center.

$12.00   Light Of Heart   2007   R. Hollingworth S. very pale blue-lavender; style arms medium lavender, darker edges, blue keel; F. medium deep lavender.

$15.00  Lucy Locket  2009  Schafer / Sacks S. light yellow; style arms pearly soft yellow; F. bright yellow, deep yellow signal; small flowers; slight sweet fragrance.

$12.00  Magnetism  2006  Schafer / Sacks S. Blue F. Yellow, fine dappling and veining flowing into the center, understated yellow signal

Not Available  Midnight Gallop  2010  Schafer / Sacks S. deep blue-purple; style arms pearly medium blue, darker midrib, purple tips; F. deep blue-purple, large blue flash around signal, white signal, few blue violet veins.

$12.00  Minstrel's Whim  2007  Schafer/Sacks S. creamy white, pale yellow veins and wash; style arms white; F. pale yellow, darker shoulders, blue green veins.

Not Available  Miss Apple  2009  Schafer/Sacks S. medium red blended with yellow; style arms medium red, some violet; F. deep, rich red blended with yellow, signal showy warm yellow, dark widely spaced veins; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Mistress Moon  2006  Schafer/ Sacks Silvery Standards and smooth creamy-ochre falls, yellow to gold signal is stitched in mauve and green and a few blue-green to red-violet lines flwo out of the signal down the center of the fall. 

Not Available  My Little Sunshine  2010  Schafer / Sacks S. cream to off-white, yellow hafts; style arms cream to off-white; F. yellow  signal gold, opens darker yellow and fades to a lighter yellow; short, small flowers.

$15.00  New Mown Hay  2008  Schafer/Sacks S. white; F. greenish yellow with a yellow signal.

Not Available  Nothing But Blue Skies  2008  C. Helsley S. and style arms light blue; F. same, darker blue around signal, small white signal veined dark blue; flared, lightly ruffled.

$15.00  Nothing But The Blues  2008  R. Hollingworth S. medium blue, some dappling; style arms very light blue, broad; F. medium to dark blue, signal small white dashes; well ruffled.

$6.00  Over In Gloryland  1993  R. Hollingworth  S. dark royal purple; F. velvety dark royal purple, cream blaze; ruffled

Not Available  Over The River  2001  Schafer / Sacks Blue self; F. signal white with navy blue veins.

Not Available  Painted Woman  2007  Schafer / Sacks S. pearl, red-violet veins and wash; style arms pearl, blue underneath; F. red-violet over yellow, signal yellow veined dark red-violet; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Pennywhistle  2000  Schafer / Sacks S. violet; style arms light blue, midrib darker; F. blue violet, darker veining, large signal gold, changing to yellow and cream, veined dark blue violet; slight fragrance.

$6.00  Percheron  1982  B. Warburton  S. violet, veined and dappled; aqua styles fringed at midrib; F. heavily ruffled purple violet, veined and dappled, green signal.

$8.00  Plum Frolic  2001  Schafer / Sacks S. pale blue violet, overall red violet veining and dappling; style arms pearly light blue touched red violet; F. light blue ground, heavy red violet veining and dappling, signal white with dark blue veins; ruffled; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Pomegranate Punch  2010  Schafer / Sacks S. greyed light red-violet; style arms red violet, darker edges, blue midribs; F. bright yellowed red-purple, orange highlights, signals yellow heavily veined maroon; slight sweet fragrance.

$12.00  Pretty Polly  2007  Schafer/Sacks S. pinkish lavender; style arms pearly, bluish midrib; F. pink, yellow signal; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Ranman  1997  H. Shidara S. absent; F. multiple, light lavender pink with darker speckles, small white signal; style arms and stamens forming petaloid rosebud center.

Not Available Reeda Jo  2008  C. Helsley S. rose orchid, neon blue midrib; style arms slightly lighter than; F. same as S., large neon-blue spot, signal very slight sprinkling under style arms; ruffled.

Not Available Reel Cute  2007  Schafer / Sacks S. pale periwinkle, diffused veining; style arms pearly, pale yellow tips, deeper blue-violet midribs in heart; F. periwinkle, lighter rim, pale and brighter yellow signal.

$6.00  Reprise  1987  B. Warburton Violet with darker veining on F.; narrow white signal; blended aqua and rosy violet styles.

Not Available  Riverdance  1997  Schafer/Sacks S. cornflower blue; style arms cornflower blue, white wire edge; F. brighter cornflower blue, shoulders flecked white, white wire edge, white signal yellow in center and veined cornflower blue; rolled ruffling.

$10.00  Roku Oji  2003  Hiroshi Shimizu S. absent; F. (6) medium deep blue, clear white signal area netted blue

$12.00  Ruffled Romp  2007  Schafer/Sacks S. pale greyed blue-violet veined darker in center; style arms pearly, greenish blue midrib, darker blue wash, ruffled, feathered; F. greyed blue-violet, paler edge, signal yellow veined dark blue-violet, ruffled; slight fragrance.

Not Available   Sadie Mae  2010  C. Helsley S. medium blue heavily mottled blue-violet; style arms light blue, turquoise midrib; F. blue violet mottled light blue, signal small white to gold in throat veined blue violet; ruffled, flaring.

$6.00  Shall We Dance  1993  R. Hollingworth S. very light blue; F. medium light blue violet, veined deeper; ruffled

$6.00  Shirley Pope  1979  C. McEwen  S. red-purple; F. similar to S. with velvety texture; white signal

$12.00 Simon Says 2007 Hollingworth S. medium deep blue-purple, reddish overtones; style arms same, overtones strong; F. smooth medium deep blue-purple, white wire rim, very small white signal.

$6.00  Sky Wings  1971  W. Peck  S. light blue; F. darker with yellow blaze, radiating violet-blue veining; pale blue to white styles.

$10.00  So Van Gogh  2005  Schafer/ Sacks S. Blue-purple with darker veining  F. Yellow, lighter at the edges and darkest at the signal, with purple veining, small notch at the end of each fall. Styles are blue-purple with darker highlights

$8.00  Somebody Loves Me  1999  R. Hollingworth Ruffled medium blue violet, F. with very large white blaze; style arms light blue

$12.00  Sound and Spirit  2007  Schafer/Sacks S. white; style arms pale yellow, darker tips; F. washed orchid pink veined darker, diffused wide yellow rim, signal small yellow to gold, veined orchid pink.

$8.00  Space Filled  1998  T. Tamberg S. light blue; style arms medium blue; F. light to medium blue; flowers large, standards upright

$8.00  Sprinkles  1998  Bauer/Coble  S. lavender with distinct peppering around edge; style arms pale lavender edged darker, turquoise midrib, crests peppered dark lavender; F. lavender ground evenly sprinkled violet lavender, lighter toward edge.

Not Available  Star Lion  2005  M. Smith S. warm orchid lavender with darker texture veins; style arms pale lavender, darker blue midrib, topped by thin red violet ruffle and ruffled crest; F. royal violet centers and left side of fall with wide 1/2' dark mulberry shoulder and rim on right side of petal, narrow matching shoulder on left, dashed white signal; ruffled

$15.00  Sugar Rush  2008  Schafer / Sacks S. pale pink; F. medium rosey pink with creamy yellow signal.

$6.00  Sugi Iri  1993  J. Wood Lavender, veined darker; style arms lavender

Not Available  Sultan's Ruby  1988  R. Hollingworth S. deep magenta; lighter feathered style arms; F. velvety deep magenta, prominent round gold signal, green hafts; ruffled

Not Available  Summer Revels  1999  Schafer / Sacks S. and style arms cream to light canary yellow, green midrib in style arms; F. yellow base, warm yellow central flush and shoulders, deeper yellow signal flowing outward, bright green hafts.

Not Available  Sun Comes Up  2004  Schafer / Sacks S. very light blue over a very pale yellow; style arms pearly pale blue with yellow in the heart; F. blue over yellow, yellow darkest at signal, paling towards edge, lightly veined, darkest at shoulders; signal yellow with a few thin blue veins; slight fragrance.

$12.00  Swans In Flight  2006  R. Hollingworth White self, very large flowers.

$6.00  Sweet Success  1994  D.S. Varner  Royal purple; signal area veined gold.

$12.00  Sweets Of May  2006  Schafer / Sacks S. soft pink, a few reddish and bluish veins; style arms pale yellow, purple on sides of midrib; F. pink, gold and red-violet highlights, darker central vein, signals yellow to gold, red veining; deep orange-red spathes.

$12.00  Tall Dark and Handsome  2007  Schafer/Sacks S. and F. purple, signal large white and gold, widely separated purple veins; style arms red violet with blue highlights; slight fragrance.

$20.00  Tipped In Blue  2010  Schafer / Sacks S. light blue-violet, yellow edges except at tip; style arms washed blue-violet and yellow; F. yellow, splash of blue violet at tips, faint blue-violet veins overall, signal yellow, blends with F. color, gold at hafts; slight sweet fragrance.

$12.00  Tree of Songs  2006  Schafer/Sacks Bright two-toned yellow.

$6.00 Trim The Velvet  1995  Schaffer/Sacks  S. rich blue purple; style arms same, small; F. rich blue purple, white wire rim, small white signal veined blue purple; lightly ruffled.

Not Available  Trip To Paris  2009  Schafer / Sacks S. pale yellow almost white, pale green-yellow veins; style arms pale yellow, darker tips and midribs; F. light yellow, signal darker yellow; large flowers; slight sweet fragrance.

$10.00  Uncorked   2003  Schafer/Sacks S. pale blue over pale yellow, yellow central vein; style arms pearly lavender with blue midrib, heart and tips yellow; F. yellow overlaid blue, shoulders darker, rim yellower, blue brightening with age, large yellow signal with slight blue dotting

Not Available  Veins Of Gold  2003  R. Hollingworth S. light yellow; style arms ivory, keel yellow; F. light yellow, gold veins, base and rim.

$6.00  Velvet Night  1959  P. Edwards Dark blue-violet self

$8.00  Very Victorian  1999  R. Hollingworth  Medium mauve, veined blue, F. with inconspicuous white signal veined blue; style arms light blue, edged mauve.

$6.00  Welfenschatz  1991  M. Ahlburg S. cream white; F. yellow

$6.00  Where Eagles Dare  1995  C. Helsley  S. and style arms dark blue violet; F. dark violet blue veined darker, white signal turning gold in throat and veined dark violet blue, large white spot on reverse

$15.00  Who's On First  2008  R. Hollingworth S. and F. deep violet-purple; style arms violet; traditional siberian form, upright S., pendant F., narrow foliage.

$15.00  Yankee Ingenuity  2008  Schafer / Sacks S. light blue; F. medium blue with white blaze and thin white edge.

Not Available  Yellowtail  2006  J. Copeland Sr. Ruffled yellow with near white standards and styles; very flat form

Louisiana Iris

Louisiana iris prefer wetter conditions, they'll even grow in standing water. They like acidic soil and should be well fertilized and kept mulched to keep moist. The plants are fairly hardy and can tolerate drying out a bit. Louisiana iris are good around ponds and water gardens. They bloom about 2 weeks after TBs.

$8.00  Andouille 1999  P. O'Connor Cherry red rimmed white, F. with yellow spear signal; style arms cherry red, white tips.

$8.00  Bayou Bandit  1998  J. Weeks Light chocolate, pink and lavender tones, silvery glaze; F. with bright yellow crest signal; style arms soft yellow, flushed chocolate.

 $6.00  Bayou Short Stuff  1988  A. Faggard  Dark blue; narrow dark blue style arms, gold yellow crest; slight sweet fragrance

$8.00  Beausoleil  2000  P. O'Connor S. light pink, broad white lengthwise band; style arms cream with darker pink band along lighter midrib, tips pink; F. pink, white veining more pronounced around small yellow line signal.

$12.00  Big Charity  2006  P. O'Connor S. white ground veined light rose-plum; style arms cream; F. appear pink due to rose plum veining over white ground, signal bright gold line surrounded by thumbprint of white veined gold; white edge on all petals.

$6.00  Billy  1986  N. Bertinot Ruffled and finely serrated full red violet, bright canary yellow signal

 $6.00  Black Gamecock  1980  F. Chowning  Blue-black self; narrow gold line signal

$12.00  Blue Mountain Mist  2007  B. Pryor Pale sky blue with a fine white rim and white reverse. 

$6.00  Bramble Queen  1968  Granger S pale purple, light edge; F tan overlay, strong purple veins, greenish yellow signal.

 $12.00 Bullion Audit  2006  T. J. Betts S. light yellow; style arms yellow, tinted green, broad; F. lemon yellow, veined green, green streak signal; fluted

$6.00  Cajun Sunrise  1993  J. Mertzweiller  S. red, narrow yellow edge; style arms intense yellow; F. red, yellow sunburst blending to red, narrow yellow edge, yellow line signal

$6.00 Cherry Cup  1989  R. Morgan  Full red. yellow wire rim on F. yellow line signal

$6.00  Creole Flame  1973  C. Wyatt Dark cardinal red with small chartreuse signal

$12.00 Dark And Dangerous 2007 B. Pryor Dark purple black, wide rim and reverse white, white blotch signal overlaid by golden steeple signal; style arms pure white; heavily ruffled.

Not Available  Dashing Hero 2005 H. Pryor S. golden ground with plum red speckling and pale cerise pink blush to petal edges, red line signal; style arms lemon with cerise pink tips and midrib; F. sunset ground with deep plum red speckling to 1⁄4" of edge, lemon reverse, golden blotch signal, overlaid lime steeple signal; ruffled, form rounded.

 $6.00  Decoy  1982  K. Durio  S. very pale red violet; F. very light red violet, veined deeper; light yellow green signal on S. & F

$6.00  Delta Butterfly  1973  C. Wyatt Pale rose pink, veined darker; no signal.

$6.00  Dorothea K. Williamson  1918  Williamson Velvety blue-purple, yellow line signal. Strong pleasant fragrance.

$8.00  Dot Marie  2001  E. Matheny Velvety dark purple, F. with golden yellow signal; style arms purple

Not Available  Duck Lady  2009  P. O'Connor S. and F. deep salmon; style arms salmon, greenish yellow edge; yellow signal on all petals, loosely defined patch veined dark salmon, signal area on F. centered with green spear.

$6.00   Dural White Butterfly  1990  J. Taylor  White self

$6.00 Empress Josephine 1990 D. Haymon Ruffled velvety dark red violet, veined and streaked black, bright gold yellow spearhead signal; dark red violet styles edged cream.

$12.00  Exploding Star  2007  H. Pryor Medium orange, lemon rim and around signal; lime steeple signal with golden tip and darker orange line signal to edge on all petals; style arms lemon lime; ruffled and slightly reflexed

$6.00  Extraordinaire  1991  M. Dunn Ruffled and serrate metallic purple, lime green signals

$10.00 Frogmore 2004 P. O'Connor S. buff yellow, multiple gold centerlines; style arms amber buff, lower half washed wine; F. amber buff with wine veining more pronounced on lower half, yellow orange thumbprint signal with wine veining.

$8.00 From This Moment 2001 H. Pryor S. pastel pink, edges blushed darker, red violet line signal; style arms cream, rosy blush; F. lilac purple, paler rim and reverse, raised deep yellow steeple signal with red violet surrounding area and red blush; petite.

$6.00   Full Eclipse  1978  B. Hager  Dark violet self

$6.00  Glowlight  1988  J. Taylor S. white; F. deep violet, yellow green signal

$6.00 Gulf Shores 1982 M. Dunn Dark blue, yellow line signal crest.

$6.00  Honey Star  1991  J. Hutchinson S. cream, veined buff wine, giving pale apricot effect; F. cream, blushed and veined buff wine, rich yellow signal.

 $6.00  i. fulva Terracotta red to deep red flowers

 $6.00   i. fulva dwarf Deep terracotta red flowers

$6.00 i. nelsonii

 $6.00  Ila Nunn  1967  C. Arny  White self with bright yellow line crest; edges ruffled

$6.00  Impassioned  1996  J. Taylor White with heavy green veining; green signals surrounded by yellow; style arms green.

$10.00  Irish Bayou  2004  P. O'Connor Rose pink with deep rose veining over powdery pink suffusion, S. with deeper rose midline, F. with yellow arrowhead signal; lightly fluted, flared.

$8.00  It's A Knockout  2001  H. Pryor S. cream, mauve veining, rim and blush; style arms mauve, cream tips; F. darker mauve, white rim, golden steeple signal with yellow sunburst; ruffled

$6.00  Jeri  1985  N. Bertinot  Velvety dark grape violet, inconspicuous citron line signal

$8.00  Justin's Dixie Pride  2002  S. Seabrook  S. royal purple; style arms light raspberry with darker midrib, laced and recurved; F. royal purple, raised gold line signal outlined black.

$6.00 Koorawatha 1985 J. Taylor Yellow gold, green throat, darker golden line down center of F.; ruffled

 $6.00  Lake Ouachita  1992  R. Morgan  Light blue, small yellow steeple signal

$12.00 Little Bronzed Aussie  2006  B. Pryor  S. and F. medium caramel, yellow reverse, yellow blotch signal overlaid bright orange, long steeple with caramel surround, on all petals; style arms beige with orange midrib; ruffled, rounded form

$10.00  Little Woods  2005  P. O'Connor  S. pale pink, light wine center veins; style arms green becoming wine red toward center; F. pink, darker wine veining, wine center streak extending from signal, signal yellow green line narrowly outlined in deep wine.

$15.00  Lottie Butterscotch  2008  S. Shepard  Butterscotch yellow self.

$12.00  Manx Mushroom  2007  J. Betts S. tan red; style arms apricot, narrow F. garnet brown, long yellow flame signal, reflexed form

$6.00  Marie Dolores  1988  D. Haymon  Ruffled white, veined orange, orange signal; cream styles; pronounced sweet fragrance.

 $6.00  Marvell Gold  1986  J. Waddick  Yellow self

$12.00  Melon Cocktail  2006  T. J. Betts  S. light spanish orange; style arms pale green; F. greyed rose, yellow rim and reverse, yellow burst signal with green ridge; lightly ruffled

Not Available  Michelle Ma Belle  2010  H. Pryor S. open pastel lemon, fine lime-green signals, changes to white on day 2-3; style arms pale lemon, pink sides, lemon midribs and tips; F. open pale yellow, pale pink plicata edge, fine lemon wire rim and reverse, changes to pale lemon, pronounced pink plicata edge and white rim on day 2-3; petite, heavily ruffled; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Michigan Belle  2007 J. Copeland S. rosy violet; style arms red violet; F. rosy purple to rosy violet, back yellow, ½˝ rosy red violet edge, signal bright yellow spray pattern.

$12.00 Monkey Hill 2006 P. O'Connor S. salmon, light red-orange veins, darker center line; F. red orange, lighter near large yellow arrowhead signal.

$8.00   Mudbug  1999  P. O'Connor  S. medium purple, 2-3 darker lengthwise lines extending halfway; style arms red purple; F. medium purple, yellow orange line signal centered in large white thumbprint signal overlaid with purple veining

$6.00 Noble Moment 1987 R. Morgan Mid-blue; mid-yellow over white blaze signal.

Not Available  Paramount Star 2003 B. Pryor Deep velvety purple, white rim and reverse, bright yellow steeple signal on all petals; style arms pure white tipped purple, base golden; ruffled; slight fragrance.

$6.00  Playful Minx  1996  H. Pryor  S. soft pastel pink, darker veining, white rim; style arms butter lemon, speckled pink; F. pink, darker wash at edge, white rim, darker pink veining, green raised signal; slight ruffling

 $6.00  Praline Festival  1992  D. Haymon  Cream, heavily veined and dusted rose tan, yellow gold signal streaked green full length of F.; style arms rose tan, edged cream; ruffled

Not Available  President Barnette 1999 D. Haymon Heavily ruffled green-veined white, green gold signal changing to green veining; style arms dark green, fading to white at tip; slight sweet fragrance.

$6.00   Professor Neil  1992  J. Mertzweiller  S. dark red; F. velvety dark red, large brilliant yellow signal; musky fragrance

$6.00  Red Dazzler  1969  P. Hale  velvety red self, very small yellow signal 

$6.00  Red Echo  1984  H. Rowlan  Scarlet red; greyed purple line signal; scarlet red styles and crest.

 Not Available  Red Velvet Elvis  1997  K. Vaughn  S. dark red black; style arms near black, slight red shading near tip; F. velvety dark red black, orange yellow spear signal partially hidden by styles; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance

 $8.00  Regal Ricochet  2001  H. Pryor  S. medium violet, cream rim and reverse; style arms lemon blushed red violet on sides, cream tip rim; F. deep red violet, white rim and reverse, golden yellow blotch signal with raised steeple

$6.00 Rich Jewel 1995 R. Morgan Dark violet, large yellow steeple signal; style arms pale red.

Not Available  Ride For Dixie  2009  R. Morgan S. light terracotta; style arms green edged terracotta; F. terracotta, yellow diffusing out from signal becoming more dominant as flower ages, greenish yellow steeple signal; yellow reverse; slight fragrance.

$10.00 Rigolets 2005 P. O'Connor S. light yellow; style arms light green tipped and edged light yellow; F. medium yellow, lightly ruffled, signal deep orange thumbprint, lighter orange near edge.

Not Available  Royal Gala  2007  H. Pryor S. black purple, violet reverse; style arms deep purple, lime yellow base, white edges; F. deep black-purple, violet reverse, raised and elongated lime steeple signal; very ruffled; slightly recurved, triangular form; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Sandra Redman  2006  H. Pryor S. and F. deep red-cerise, lemon rim and reverse; style arms soft gold, yellow midrib, red blush at edges; double star signal pattern created by yellow blotch overlaid by raised golden steeple on all petals; spicy fragrance.

$6.00  Sinfonietta  1997  R. Raabe  Mid gentian blue, bold yellow crest

 $8.00  Sun and Surf  2001  H. Pryor  S. ice blue, olive green line signal; style arms lemon; F. pastel lemon veined darker, bright orange line signal extending 3/4 petal length

$8.00 True Quest  2000  J. C. Taylor  Ruffled purple, light tan edge and reverse, signals yellow green; style arms yellow, edged light tan

$10.00 Twisted Sister 2004 P. O'Connor S. frosted rose, suffused white, midrib darker; style arms coral rose, ridge ivory; F. frosted rose, suffused white, yellow arrowhead signal; form twisted and fluted, S. erect.

$6.00 Vermilion Queen 1993 R. Goula S. pale cream; F. medium buttery gold, greenish gold signal; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.

$10.00 Victoria Inn 2004 P. O'Connor S. lavender rose, red violet centerline; style arms lavender rose washed on cream, center cream; F. deep red violet, edge slightly lighter, yellow crown signal; crepe texture.

$6.00  Voodoo Music  1988  H. Rowlan  Ruffled violet purple. creamy yellow sunray signal; self styles and crest

Not Available  Wizard of Aussie  2000  H. Pryor  S. variable, deep red with yellow blotching, red veining, lemon reverse, red or yellow contrasting line signal dependent on petal color; style arms lime yellow, tips blushed red; F. deep red, yellow sunray veining from lime yellow line signal, reverse lemon; variable color combinations

Japanese Iris

Japanese iris prefer rich, acidic, very moist soil (it is good to amend the bed with a lot of compost and compoted manure). They require full sun and should be heavily mulched to keep moisture in. They are not as tolerant of drying out as Louisiana iris. These iris also go well around ponds and water gardens, but do not let winter over in standing water. They bloom the latest, around 4 weeks after TBs.

$8.00  Asian Tapestry  2002  J. T. Aitken  Velvety deep red with varying shades of lighter red to white in broken pattern, gold signal with irregular profile breaking into petal color; style arms deep red, upright

$8.00  Bewitching Twilight  2000  C. Harris White ground, heavily brushed light blue fading to pastel blue, signal yellow radiating veins extending halfway length of F.; style arms heavy cream yellow

$8.00 Blue Spritz  1996  D. Delmez  Blue white, veined blue purple, edge white, signal yellow green; style arms multiple, dark blue lined white; ruffled

$8.00  Butterflies in Flight  1992  J. T. Aitken  White ground delicately veined blue violet, intensifying around yellow signal; style arms dark violet

$8.00 Center Of Attention 1986 L. Rich Ruffled pale lavender violet, veined darker violet, edged silver, gradually paling to silver background veined violet, yellow orange signal.

$8.00 Chidori 1956 S. Hirao White with light lilac blue central brushing; very drooping foliage.

$8.00 Dirigo Pink Milestone 2000 J. White S. light pink; style arms edged pink, darker pink tips; F. dark pink lightening to light pink edge, small white blaze around gold signal

Not Available  Dirigo Red Rocket  2001  J. White S. medium red violet, small; style arms white, edged medium red violet; F. medium red violet rayed white, small yellow signal surrounded by white blaze

$10.00 Easter Pastel 2003 C. McEwen S. soft lavender pink, 1-1/4" wide; style arms 3/4" wide, soft lavender pink, crests soft violet blue; F. 4" rounded form, soft violet blue, yellow signal.

$8.00 Epimetheus 1992 S. Innerst Wine purple, splashed and speckled white lavender-purple pink.

$8.00  Espata  2001  J. Copeland  Pansy to bishops violet, blue halo, aureolin yellow signal; style arms pansy; lightly ruffled

$8.00  Fairy Carillon  1967  Payne S. hortense violet (Ridgway) with white edge; F white tinted violet with prominent light halo and veins; hortense violet center

$8.00  Flashing Koi  1979  W. Marx  White, feathered crimson-red in center; yellow signal

Not Available   Freckled Peacock  2002  C. Harris  S. white, red violet wire edge; style arms white, large crests brushed pale gentian blue; F. white ground heavily freckled spectrum violet, dresden yellow signal

$8.00 Hegira 1986 S. Innerst White, heavily striped deep blue, gold signal; slight spicy fragrance.

$8.00 Honour  2001  C. McEwen  Light pink ground veined darker pink giving medium pink effect, small rich yellow signal; style arms pink, tufted pinker; ruffled, overlapped rounded form

$8.00 Japanese Pinwheel  1989  C. McEwen  S. medium wine red, lighter fine line edge; F. medium wine red with very distinct fine edge, medium yellow signal

$8.00  Jocasta  1988  S. Innerst  Light ground, blue halo and veining, turning red violet at edge, red violet band around S. & F.; light ground styles sanded blue violet, tipped red violet

$8.00 Joy Peters  1989  W. Ackerman  S. lavender pink; near white style arms with pale purple margins and lips; F. ruffled lavender pink at edge, blending to pale purple, near yellow green signal

$8.00 Light At Dawn 1957 W. Marx White, narrow border of blue, outer areas stippled same; styles white, touched wood violet at tips.

 $8.00 Oriental Eyes  1984  A. Vogt  Light violet shading to grey-white at edge; yellow signal surrounded by purple halo that extends as veining; dark violet styles with grey edge

$8.00  R Giskard  2001  S. Smith  S. violet, violet purple highlights, very small; style arms violet; F. violet, darker veining, narrow blue vee blending into greenish yellow signal

$8.00 Rose Queen 1915 SJI S. rose pink; F. rose pink veined darker, giving overall effect of, yellow green signal.

$8.00 Sandsation 1997 J. T. Aitken White ground, sanded violet, 1/8" more densely shaded edge, signal yellow; style arms (6) white, edged violet.

$10.00 Wonderful Delight  2003  D. Delmez  S. white, tipped red violet; style arms white, tipped violet; F. light violet, blue infusion around white halo and radiating lines surrounding yellow signal; ruffled; F. flared

Species & Species X


Not Available  Late Call  2003 T. Huber S. french blue aging violet; style arms french blue, white borders and crests; F. french blue veined violet, aging violet, yellow signal with extended white and yellow veins; slight fragrance.


$8.00 Redundant 2003 Schafer / Sacks S. and style arms lavender blue, darker veining; F. slightly lighter, signal white with delicate veining


Not Available  Mountain Brook 1985 G. Kennedy Deep blue lavender.

Not Available  Seiran 1987 C. Mahan S. medium wistaria blue, violet stripe extending from base halfway up center; style arms violet, crests wistaria blue; F. medium wistaria blue, pale yellow ridges extending from pale yellow signal.

Not Available  Shirasagi 1993 C. Mahan F. (6) white with pale yellow ridges; style arms white, pronounced violet center; anthers white with violet spot just below filament; very slight fragrance.


$10.00   Jin Yu  2006  J. Copeland  I. maackii. Light yellow self.


$6.00 Foxcroft Full Moon 2002 K. Steele S. and style arms creamy white; F. creamy white ground, deeper cream signal with pronounced maroon eye zone.

$8.00 Gubijin 2005 H. Shimizu Yellow.

$8.00 Seakrill  2004  J. Copeland  S. dresden yellow, very small; style arms sulphur yellow; F. darker sulphur yellow, greyed reddish purple heavily-veined to near-solid signal giving red effect; leaf bases and nodes red


$8.00 Byakuya No Kumi 2005 H. Shimizu S. creamy white, very small; style arms yellow; F. creamy white, signals bright yellow, deep purple eyelash pattern.

$6.00  Chance Beauty  1989  J. Ellis S. pale yellow; F. yellow, veined chocolate, deep yellow signal patch

$6.00  Enfant Prodige  1997  T. Huber S. lilac; style arms white; F. violet blue, occasionally marbled with violet marks, deep violet halo around deep yellow signal

$8.00 Kinshikou 2004 H. Shimizu S. light yellow, very small; style arms light yellow; F. rose over yellow giving peach effect, signal deep yellow surrounded by rich dark wine eyelash markings.

Not Available  Okagami  2008  H. Shimizu S. white, slight light purple blush upon opening; style arms creamy yellow, ends brushed light lavender; F. white, pointed deep yellow signal lightly freckled bright wine, jagged wine eyelash extending downward into a line.

$6.00  Pixie Won  1997  J. Copeland  S. spectrum violet, small and rounded; style arms cream, slight violet at tip; F. spectrum violet, lighter around sulphur yellow signal, darker pansy violet thin line edging signal; foliage yellow green

$12.00 Ryugan 2008 H. Shimizu S. light lemon yellow; style arms lemon yellow, ruffled tips brushed light wine-purple; F. light lemon yellow lightly sanded wine purple, signal deep yellow, speckled and sanded deep wine surrounded by deep wine eyelash pattern.

$12.00 Samon 2009 H. Shimizu S. small, erect cream overlaid wine giving wine-purple effect; style arms cream veined wine, white rim, some light yellow on edge and midrib; F. white lightly veined red violet, slight yellow overlay on center, signal bright yellow, deep red-violet eyelash marking in pointed pattern; foliage purple base.

$12.00 Shirabyoshi 2008 H. Shimizu S. white; style arms white, creamy center; F. white, signal deep yellow edged lighter yellow, surrounded by large rounded red-violet eyelash pattern.

Not Available  Shiryukyo 2008 H. Shimizu S. red purple; style arms purple, white edge; F. red purple, darker rim; slightly darker veins, signal bright yellow edged lighter, deep bright red-violet eyelash markings. 

Not Available  Take No Sato 2008 H. Shimizu S. white brushed and veined red violet, white rim, small; style arms and F. white veined red violet; signal deep yellow surrounded by deep red-violet eyelash markings.

$8.00 Tsukiyono 2005 H. Shimizu S. creamy white, slight lavender edge, very small; style arms creamy light yellow; F. lavender veined and netted deeper lavender, narrow purple edge, signal bright lemon yellow, very dark purple eyelash pattern.


$6.00  Dark Aura  1996  J. Hewitt S. dark violet; style arms reddish violet, paler edges; F. velvety dark violet, light yellow signal edged white, dark veins; spring foliage dark red, stems intense black; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  For Jay  2003 J. Copeland S. pansy violet; style arms violet, edged white; F. dark pansy violet (darker than, velvety, with white spot veined pansy violet around bright lemon yellow signal; slight fragrance.

 $10.00 Wooly Bully  2006  J. Copeland  Robusta. Vigorous blue purple self, lighter standards, gold signal

Species X

$6.00 Ally Oops 2002 D. Borglum S. and style arms light blue; F. yellow, blue veining; foliage tall, ribbed center. Parentage unknown

$6.00 Holden's Child 1991 S. Tiffney Dark red purple with flanges on hafts; solid stalk.

$6.00  Roy Davidson  1988  B. Hager Yellow, lightly veined brown on F., deep yellow outline by deep brown crescent signal

$8.00  Roy's Repeater  2003  J. T. Aitken White ground heavily overlaid with purple veins, F. with well defined sulphur yellow signal with purple veins; style arms white, veined purple near crests


$10.00 Sun Moon Lake 2007 L. Davidson Medium violet blue self, style arms lighter at edges. Falls violet blue with dark violet spots, very white crest spotted purple. 

$6.00 Woolong 2002 J. Waddick Blue violet, F. with darker spots and flecks, white signal and crest; style arms paler blue violet.


$6.00  Veined Banner  2002  T. Huber S. white, veined or lined violet blue; style arms blue, bordered white; F. white, veined violet blue, signal bright yellow; slight sweet fragrance.

$8.00 White Bleach 2003 T. Huber White, shaded lilac; style arms white with yellowish border


 $6.00  Cat Mousam  1985  B. Warburton Mid-violet blue, tan and brown signal

$6.00 China West Lake 1996 J. Waddick S. medium violet, paler edge; style arms medium violet, edged white; F. medium violet, white rayed pattern on top half, yellow signal.

$8.00  Epic Poem  2004  Schafer/ Sacks S. light blue violet; style arms white; F. light blue-violet, smooth, signal white with delicate blue violet veining

$6.00 John Wood 1998 J. Wood S. medium maroon, darker veining; style arms violet, rib darker; F. velvety deep red violet, gold signal, white ray pattern; stems black. 

 $8.00 Light Verse  2004  Schafer/ Sacks  Light blue-violet self with darker veining throughout; style arms have darker midrib and curl; signal white with a hint of yellow and dark blue violet veining; slight fragrance

Not Available  Mar-Jan  1993  H. Bishop S. wine red; style arms white, rib wine red; F. wine red aging paler, yellow white signal. 

 $6.00  Mint Fresh  1983  B. Warburton  S. white ground, strongly etched with red stripes; F. same; styles ribbed magenta; pearly crests etched red

Not Available  Mysterious Monique  1992 U. Knoepnadel S. light violet; F. very dark violet (almost black), distinct white signal.

$6.00  Party Line  1988  B. Warburton  S. red purple, veined slightly darker; pure white styles with red purple midrib; F. red purple, veined darker, pale yellow signal changing to white with red purple veining

$8.00 Raspberry Slurp 2003 R. Butler S. pale raspberry; style arms white, raspberry midline and edge; F. raspberry veined white, white area near center with slight raspberry veining.

$8.00 Ruth Wilder 2004 W. Hoover S. light red-violet; style arms near white tipped light red-violet; F. red violet, bright golden signal.

 $6.00  Versicle  1998  Schafer/ Sacks  S. clean white; style arms clean white, heart yellow; F. clean white veined pale blue, light yellow signal with pale blue veins; rounded, arched form

$6.00 Whodunit 1987 B. Warburton S. violet, heavily veined violet; F. white, veined violet below signal and on shoulders, violet plicata edge, yellow signal.

Not Available  Wild Wine 1984 W. Sindt Dark red to maroon.


Not Available  Asian Alliance 1990 J. Witt S. lighter than F.; F. medium red violet, yellow signal. 


$8.00 Native Wine 2003 E. Hulbert S. wine red; style arms white, slight red center brushing; F. wine red, large yellow signal with inconspicuous whitish border and wine veining; leaf bases red purple; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Slightly Daft 2002 J. Hutchinson S. white, faint mauve basal flush; style arms white, faint mauve flush, yellow in throat; F. white, strong golden yellow signal; broad foliage.

Not Available  Southern Wanderer 2003 T. Huber S. hyacinth blue lined darker wistaria blue, yellow line toward base; style arms long, lilac, center darker, crest hyacinth blue; F. french blue veined purple, signal golden yellow, surrounded by white with purple veining; S. and F. large, equal size.