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Arils are native to the Middle East. Arilbreds are hybrids between Tall Bearded or other bearded iris and Arils. While pure Arils do better in dryer climates like the Southwest, Arilbreds will grow fairly easily in most places that you can grow Tall Bearded iris. Arils and Arilbreds go dormant and die back during the summer and start to grow again in late summer early fall. Typically, there are very few, if any leaves during the shipping season. We grow these along with our TBs, the only difference in conditions is we add some sand to the soil to loosen it and help with drainage.  Bloom season is late SDB through IB.

Abbreviations: OGB = Oncogeliabred (oncocyclus, regelia, and bearded hybrid); RC = Regeliacyclus; OH = Oncocyclus hybrid; R = Regelia; OB = Oncobred; RB = Regeliabred; RH = Regelia hybrid

$5.00 Afrosiab RB  2001  A. Volfovich-Moler  S. light purple, veined violet and brown, broad brown edge; style arms purple, crests brown; F. cherry purple veined darker, rim brown; beards orange yellow, purple at end; waved form; pronounced fragrance.

$10.00 Ameera 2007 C. Chacon S. medium rose-violet lightly veined darker; style arms buff overlaid rose, yellow lip; F. rose wine, shoulders parchment veined wine, large deep maroon-rose signal; beards dark brown.

Not Available  Anaheim Daughter  OGB   2006   A. Moran S. pale lavender, almost white, infused yellow at midribs; style arms lemon yellow; F. tan, red signal and black spot under beard, white dotting throughout signal spot; beards tan tipped gold, wide.

$4.00 Aquilifer 1992 G. F. Wilson S. oyster white veined gold, gold yellow rib; F. pale gold veined slightly darker at hafts, large round well-defined red brown signal; beards mustard yellow, wide; sweet fragrance

$4.00 Arabian Archer 1993 Lois Rich S. lavender, veined darker, electric blue midrib; F. oxblood with self veins, black signal with 15 darker lines; beards yellow

Not Available  Arabian Sun 2010 P. McGrath S. palest lilac, fade quickly to white; style arms light buff; F. pale yellow-buff, large orange-brown signal; beards gold.

Not Available  Babylon Prince  2009  L. Baumunk S. light lavender veined darker; style arms light lavender becoming light yellow at base; F. same as S., diffuse dark purple signal; beards white tipped bright medium yellow.

Not Available  Babylonian Fires  OGB  1992  L. Rich  S. rose lavender with gold midrib; F. rosy tone of orange mahogany, black mulberry signal; beards yellow

Not Available  Back In Fashion  2008  S. McAllister S. opens lavender, matures to near white; style arms creamy pink; F. ashes of roses lightening to pink with maturity, brown haft veining, cranberry black signal; beards black, occasional lighter hair, tipped brown; slight fragrance.

$4.00 Bagdad's Folly 1992 L. Rich S. off-white with pale orchid veining, faint bright yellow brushing on midrib; style arms cream; F. cream ground heavily veined brown, orange rust signal; beards dark tan.

$10.00 Bakhshish 2007 L. Ransom S. medium blue-violet edged and veined light red-brown; style arms blue violet, rosy brown crests; F. white ground netted and marked purple violet, dark red-purple center signal; beards tapered light blue tipped blue violet; slight spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Ballalaika Music 1992 H. Mathes S. plum ground flushed violet along midrib; F. plum ground, violet central flush intensifying in violet signal area; beards bronze; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$10.00 Bedouin Belle OGB- 2007  L. Ransom S. pale rosy-grey flushed ochre yellow along midrib and at base; style arms and crests light ochre yellow, rosy midline; F. ochre yellow bisected by light rosy-grey signal streak, hafts netted ochre brown; beards cream grey brushed yellow; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Bedouin Child 1974 H. McKusick S. red-brown with some markings of stolonifera but lighter; F. same; overall color is darker and richer than stolonifera; metallic blue beard.

Not Available  Big Black Bumblebee 1966 Danielson S deep amethyst-pink veined dark mulberry; F similar but darker; bronze beard; large black signal.

Not Available  Blue Arts OGB+ 1985  L. Danielson  Bright blue; pronounced sweet fragrance

$6.00 Burnished Star OGB  2004  V. & D. Brown  S. sunshine yellow, domed; style arms sunshine yellow; F. yellow with white streaks and stripes, cinnamon veining and dotting around beards; rayed star-like burnished red signal; beards yellow tipped gold

$8.00 Buttered Berries  OGB-  2006  V. & D. Brown  S. Honey gold with slightly darker veins; domed; style arms honey gold with light red-purple stripes up each side of  midrib; F. Berry red with fine darker veins; paling to honey red rim; beard gold; signal darker burnt red

Not Available  Byzantine Art  2001  L. Baumunk S. medium lavender, midrib tan; style arms tan, blending to lavender at crests; F. tan, very dark red signal with red overlay extending 3/4" from signal; beards yellowish brown.

Not Available  Byzantine Ruby  2010  L. Baumunk S. and style arms lavender lightly veined darker; F. lavender, slightly more red than S., 1½˝ bright maroon-red signal, darker near diffuse yellow beards.

Not Available  Canasta  1975  L. Rich S. pale violet with beige stylearms; F. warm beige with mulberry red signal and veining, veining much lighter on edges and lower third; brownish bronze beard.

$10.00 Chain Reaction 2007 R. Tasco S. rosy plum-purple, slightly veined; style arms reddish brown center, amber lower sides, red burgundy crest flushed amber at base; F. rosy burgundy, light veining, diffused brownish black signal; beards amber in throat, brown in middle, violet at end.

$4.00 Childsong OGB-  1984  E. Jensen Light gold, veined lavender, narrow metallic lavender flush up outside of midrib; pale lavender crests; F. light gold with metallic lavender flush, edged dark gold; heavy butterscotch veining surrounding beard ln a ray pattern giving effect of a signal; pale lavender beard turning red in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance

$15.00 Chipmunk's Charm 2010 E. Jensen S. light gold edged gold, green haft veins, outside veined brown at base; style arms light lavender, gold crests; F. pale yellow edged gold, heavily veined russet, white haft veining, electric lavender flush from beards to edge; beards orange, pale yellow at end; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Chocolate Mint OGB  1998  R. Tasco S. pale violet, aging white; style arms chartreuse buff; F. light buff yellow, chartreuse cast; beards dark chocolate brown.

$4.00 Circus Parade 1986 H. Danielson S. white, flushed lavender, veined tan yellow on edge; F. white, flushed darker lavender, veined tan yellow on edge, rust red hafts bleeding to side of bright violet beard, deep violet flash below beard.

Not Available  Communion  OGB 1991  E. Hunt S. amethyst, paling to cream near midrib; style arms barium yellow; F. greyed yellow with pale red overlay, giving flesh-toned effect, blood red signal; beards yellow orange tipped tangerine

Not Available  Concerto Grosso OGB  1998  H. Mathes Oxblood red, F. with sharp black 2 cm signal; beards uniform dark blue.

Not Available Cup Runneth Over OGB-  2005  S. McAllister  S. Glistening white; flush of golden yellow at the base of the mid-rib, few fine yellow veins extending outward; F. Are a complex pattern of golden tan stippled with rust, edged with a broad band of near-white and accented with a flush of soft reddish-violet spreading downward from the tip of the beard. s; veining and stippling increase in the signal area to form a deep purple signal patch 

$4.00 Damfino 1997 Sharon McAllister S. soft greyed rose; style arms yellow, rose midrib and crests; F. blended greyed rose, apricot and rust, small near-black signal in middle of large burgundy spot; beards golden yellow

Not Available  Dardanus 1962 G. van Tubergen S. violet; F. buff-violet, veined darker.

$4.00 Desert Diamond OGB  1988  B. Hager Grey blue-white, veined deeper near charcoal beards, deep purple signal.

Not Available  Desert Finery OGB  1991  L. Rich S. violet, veined dark purple; style arms tan violet; F. rose violet, evenly spaced violet veins from burgundy wine signal to edge; beards light yellow orange; ruffled, fluted

Not Available  Desert Moonlight 1990 L. Rich S. fluted white; style arms bright yellow; F. bright lemon yellow, henna brown signal; beards yellow orange.

Not Available   Desert Plum OGB   1992  B. Hager Smoky mauve purple, silky texture, black maroon signal; beards bronze black

$4.00 Desert Spirit OGB-  1993  L. Flanagan  S. pale violet, light violet edge; F. mixture of light violet and light amber with darker violet streak from tip of brown orange beard; slight fragrance

Not Available  Doug Goodnight OGB+  1998  S. McAllister Very dark blue violet; style arms with prominent crests; beards black

Not Available  Dream Keeper  2005  V. & D. Brown S. Ivory white, flushed yellow on the midrib; style arms, cream flushed yellow; F. Ivory blushed light cinnamon lightening to white at the edges; signal red-black at the end of yellow-orange beards 

Not Available  Dunshanbe 1977 T. Wilkes S. medium brown-red-violet, veined deeper, violet flush around midrib; F. slightly darker medium brown-red-violet, overlaid with iridescent violet-purple covering central area; small dark red-purple signal at end of blue-white beard, hairs tipped blue

Not Available  Eastern Blush  2002  L. Ransome S. light yellow ochre, deeper toward edge, midrib veined and flushed light mauve; style arms yellow ochre, mauve midrib, darker crests; F. deeper yellow ochre to old gold edge, cream shoulders speckled and veined sienna brown, large bright violet central flush; beards tapered, pale blue, hairs tipped orange in throat; foliage violet-based, bracts violet toward top.

$4.00 Emerald Fantasy 1983 H. Tate Creamy lavender ground with heavy webbing of rich dark purple, solid up midrib of S., black signal with greenish cast; black beard; burgundy red style arms; slight fragrance.

$10.00  Enigmatic Elf OGB  2007  E. Jensen Light Lime yellow self; S. flushed pale green, F. veined brown, burgundy and green; diffused maroon-brown signal. Beards bright orange in throat, wispy white at end.

Not Available  Esther The Queen  1968  E. Hunt S wisteria blue, deeper veins, blended willow green at base, brown at claw; F willow green, blended erythrite red dottings by black beard on black-maroon spot paling to brown as it blends to willow green.

Not Available  Fire In The Hole 2010 P. McGrath S. pale violet; style arms pale violet; F. pale violet, moderate veining, dark burgundy signal, lighter center gives fiery impression; beards yellow gold.

Not Available  Full Of Surprises 2007 S. McAllister S. creamy white; style arms and F. soft yellow, pointed black signal surrounding lemon yellow beard.

Not Available  Galilee Dawn  OGB  2007  C. Chacon S. pastel blue-violet, style arms blue-violet; crest chamois washed blue-violet; F. chamois tan lightly washed pastel blue-violet, light violet center stripe; small grape purple signal; beards gray violet.

Not Available  Galilee Deeps  2009  C. Chacon S. light blue-violet, darker edges; style arms same, white stigmatic lip; F. slightly darker blue-violet, lighter at shoulder, signal medium size purple half moon; beards broad blue; slight sweet fragrance.

$15.00 Garnettville 2010 S. McAllister S. rosy lilac; style arms yellow ground heavily flushed lilac; F. grey yellow ground so heavily overlaid red violet appearing almost solid garnet; beards blended, overall effect near black.

Not Available  Gelee Royale 1982  H. Mathes Olive brown-yellow with dark blue spot on F.

$4.00 Genetic Burst 1977 H. Danielson S. oyster white; F. light blue; electric blue beard.

Not Available  Gideon's Lamp  2004  P. McGrath S. white flushed yellow at base of midrib; style arms yellow with near white midrib; F. white strongly washed bright yellow, very intense yellow blaze surrounding a large brown chevron shaped signal; beards white tipped yellow; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Gilboan Fawn  2009  C. Chacon S. lavender veined darker at edges, yellow green base; style arms parchment, brown crest, white lip; F. fawn brown, shoulders lighter and patterned brown, small black signal; beards lemon gold.

$15.00 Glittering Garnets 2010 D. Eaves S. garnet rose; style arms golden brown, garnet brown crests; F. light yellow ground heavily veined garnet, small deep garnet signal; beards purple.

$8.00 Go Big Red OGB  2006  S. McAllister  S. Medium violet with darker veining and gold flush up the midrib; style arms orange-yellow; F. Blood red; beard money gold base with gold tips

$5.00 Grizzled Old Warrior OGB  1998  S. McAllister  S. near-white ground, veined blue violet; style arms yellowish ivory; F. yellowish ivory ground, dotted and veined red violet; beards near-black

$5.00 Hakuna Matata OGB-  2000  A&D Cadd S. straw yellow, brown infusion; style arms slightly darker yellow; F. straw yellow, maroon brown area around beard with radiating darker maroon brown lines; beards brown, tipped yellow; lightly ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

Not Available  Hammurabi 2004 L. Baumunk S. medium purple with deeper purple veining, blending to red purple at base of petals; style arms light red violet; F. white, heavily veined and overlaid rose violet with small area of very dark purple below beards; very dark red violet beards

$5.00 High Sierra Snow 2002 J. Wight Pale lavender aging white; beards dark lavender blue.

Not Available  Holy Moley Plum  2007  C. Chacon S. light grape-violet, ruffled and fluted; style arms plum violet, lavender lip; F. same as S., heavily veined and stippled plum overall; large plum-black signal; beards black, diffuse.

$10.00 Hunt's Dorcom OGB  2007  S. McAllister S. pale lavender veined darker, yellow green flush at base of midrib; style arms peach, hint of lavender; F. pale lavender veined and dotted darker, small near-black signal surrounding tip of gold beards.

$10.00 I'm Gonna Shout 2008 S. McAllister S. lavender red, veined darker; F. burnt red with a hint of orange in the hafts; round black signal surrounding old gold beard

$12.00 Imminent Eruption 2009 S. McAllister . pewter flushed pinkish-amethyst; style arms buff washed pinkish amethyst; F. green-buff ground extensively stippled and veined red-violet, overall nearly obscured by intense ruby-violet overlay, signal near black around and below tip of beard; beards mixed pewter, amethyst and brass; central bushy beard imbedded in sparse onco-like beard.

$10.00 In Kings' Palaces OGB  2007  C. Chacon S. blue lavender lightly veined darker, patterning inside base; style arms parchment lined lavender, crest lavender; F. parchment, veined and stippled maroon brown over entire petal, large maroon black signal; beards diffuse lemon; slight musky fragrance.

$5.00 Iridescent Orange OGB  2002  H. Mathes S. orange yellow, hint of rose toward edge; style arms dark orange yellow, large; F. dark orange yellow, signal sharp dark mahogany, approaching 1" diameter; beards orange yellow

$4.00 Jacob's Well OGB-  1986  M. Brizendine  S. dark velvety brown; F. dark brown; bronze brown beard

$4.00 Jewel of Omar OB-  1986  C. Boswell  S. medium blue, purple at base; greenish yellow styles; F. medium lime yellow, maroon brown around violet beard

$4.00 Jonnye's Magic 1993 L. Rich White ground, heavily striped violet, small lavender signal; style arms deep purple; beards dark

Not Available  Kalifa's Cape OGB+  2003  R. Annand  S. lavender rose, darker veining; style arms rose to copper brown; F. maroon rose, darker and velvety below maroon brown beard

$4.00 Khyber Pass 1984 K. Kidd S. light lavender with darker veining; F. tan with maroon dotting and veining, heavier at hafts, small dark maroon signal; brown beard

$4.00  Kiosk OGB  1986  B. Hager  Yellow, brown black signal; yellow beard

Not Available  Known Only To Him  2010  S. McAllister S. ivory, yellow midrib with basal flush at opening; style arms yellowed ivory; F. pale yellow, V-shaped area of intense red-brown dotting and veining surrounding yellow beard.

$10.00 Lakeside Elf OGB  2007  A. Moran S. clear pale lavender, style arms lavender blushed yellow; F. light tan infused with red veins radiating from red signal that is darker around beard; beards old gold tipped light yellow.

Not Available  Lead Kindly Light  2008  S. McAllister S. diamond dusted french vanilla yellow with thin rim of olive yellow; style arms egg yolk yellow; F. diamond dusted french vanilla yellow with fine dotting and veining of coffee brown at hafts and around beard; beard is mustard with occasional flecks of brown and yellow.

Not Available  Let Me At 'Em  2009  S. McAllister S. deep amethyst; style arms dark red-violet; F. very dark red-violet approaching black, signal large red-violet surrounding deep amethyst beard.

$15.00 Loud And Rowdy 2010 S. McAllister S. light rosy-violet, yellow flush at base, few red-violet veins; style arms yellow, heavy rose-violet flush on crest; F. yellow ground heavily overlaid grey-rose producing blend of apricot through terracotta to ashes of roses, large near-black spot surrounded by burgundy aura; beards grey mustard.

$4.00 Loudmouth OB  1970  J. Rich  S. dark fuchsia violet, veined darker violet; F. dark fuchsia violet, white hafts, boldly veined darker violet, veins over balance of F.; large black signal surrounding tip of orange beard

$4.00 Luella Dee 1997 G. F. Wilson S. pale violet, lightly veined violet, midrib gold; F. cream, lightly veined and dotted violet, large soft brown signal; beards wide, grey, hairs tipped orange.

$15.00 Lu's Child 2010 D. Eaves S. palest yellow feathered light purple, slightly deeper yellow midrib; style arms yellow, lined brown on crests; F. yellow ground sanded overall maroon-brown, sanding heavily concentrated around beard; beards dark maroon-brown, black in throat; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Masada's Glory 2002 J. Whitely S. and style arms white; F. white to cream or sand tan, aging white, fine haft veining, large dark red wine to wine signal; beards sand tan.

Not Available  Master Of Illusion 2009 S. McAllister S. pewter flushed yellow upward from base; style arms blend of pewter and brass; F. brass ground, greenish overtones, overlay of burgundy touched green, gives a variable blend of jeweled and metallic tones depending on light, small near-black signal at tip of beard; beards pewter tipped orange giving overall effect of pale brass.

Not Available  Merlin's Magic 1986 E. Jensen S. dark maroon brown, electric violet flush on midrib; lavender pink styles, cocoa brown crests; F. very dark brown with violet flush below beard; beard yellow white in throat, light lavender at tip; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00 Miss Colleen OGB- 1991  L. Flanagan  S. pale beige blended violet; F. pale beige with rosy violet flush over center; light orange beard; ruffled; slight fragrance

Not Available  Mixed Messages 2007 S. McAllister S. white, rosy tan veins, blue violet flush up midrib; style arms light lavender, creamy yellow crests; F. violet flash in center blending to tan rim on bottom ²⁄₃, red wash across shoulders and haft, burgundy signal; beards white tipped mix of yellow and brown.

Not Available  Mohric Mystery OGB-  2007  S. McAllister S. lavender, yellow-green flush at base of midrib; style arms lavender; F. lavender, pink-purple dotting and veins at hafts, dark brown signal leading to very faint center stripe; beards brown tipped purple.

Not Available  Moon Dust  1975  H. Danielson Brown to tan with darker spots on both S. and F.; large reddish black signal; bronze beard.

$4.00  Naked Eye OGB  1988  B. Hager  S. white; F. cream, fading to white, maroon signal; gold beard

Not Available  Navajo Velvet 2009 S. McAllister S. pewter ground, a few fine yellow veins and a rosy overlay that intensifies to glowing light cyclamen at base; style arms golden yellow washed cyclamen rose beside midribs; F. velvety deep burgundy, near black in center, blends to burgundy red toward edges, touches of greenish brass on rim, large black signal at tip of beard becomes more prominent with age; beards pale pewter tipped blackish violet giving overall effect of deep violet.

$8.00 Nefret OGB-  2005  M. Smith  S. white, with faint chartreuse veins , chartreuse midrib; style arms green-tinted yellow; F. bright yellow at distal end and rim, slightly grayer sides, solid burnt umber aril spot, slightly washed edges, on upper third of fall; beards yellow, end yellow tipped cream, yellow orange in throat.

Not Available  Nonconformist  1999  S. McAllister S. pale blue violet; style arms greenish buff, midrib blue; F. greenish buff almost covered by rust stippling; beards bronze

Not Available  Nordic Sky  2009  H. Shockey S. and F. bright light lavender subtly veined darker; style arms buff yellow blended lavender; signal large red-violet; beards yellow.

$4.00 Ode To Kalifa OGB-  1980  W. Moores  S. pale blue, flecked olive and dark blue; F. olive, flecked dark blue; burnt orange beard tipped white

Not Available  Old Fashioned Girl OGB-  1993  S. McAllister  S. white, lightly veined violet, more intense around edge; F. white, burgundy veins flanking burgundy beard, finely veined burgundy edge

$5.00  Omar's Eye OGB  2000  C. Boswell  S. light lavender veined darker, white at base; F. white blending to light lavender at edge, violet veining from beard, small violet signal; beards white, tipped orange

Not Available  Oyez 1938 White White/red patterning & veining 

Not Available  Penninah's Provocation 2004 Pete McGrath S. rich lilac veined darker; style arms beige fold, lilac midrib, crests veined lilac; F. beige with fine burgundy veining, large blackish burgundy signal, onco form; beards light lilac tipped mustard; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00 Persian Padishah 1988 H. Shockey Medium rose purple, large purple black signal; dark purple beard; ruffled S.

$8.00 Persian Sapphire OGB-  2005  L. Baumunk  Green yellow standards and falls with bright light blue beard and maroon signal

Not Available  Persian Star 1969 D. Foster S spectrum violet, finely veined; F spectrum violet, veining and netting, recurved; golden bronze beard, shiny black signal.

Not Available  Power In The Blood 2010 S. McAllister S. and style arms primrose yellow; F. yellowed ivory, V-shaped area of intense red-brown dots and veins around golden yellow beard, deep burgundy signal.

$4.00 Prairie Thunder OB-  1990  P. Black  S. violet blue; style arms olive tan; F. pale violet shading to tan edge, dark burgundy spot around beard; beards blue white, tipped brown black; slight spicy fragrance

$12.00 Pride Of Alabama 2009 D. Eaves S. lavender tinted blue, lightly veined violet, midrib tan at base, lavender crests lightly veined violet, ruffled; style arms lavender center, cream buff at sides; F. lavender, hafts buff, white area veined violet at sides of beard, signal dark violet spot streaked rust at end of beard, wide; beards lavender tipped rust; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Pro News  1984  H. Danielson S. lavender, veined darker; F. buff green, edged gold; green buff styles.

Not Available  Quincinera 1998 S. McAllister S. white ground, few thin yellow veins; style arms greenish ivory; F. greenish ivory, veins changing from thick chocolate at beard to faint rust at edge; beards mustard, hairs tipped burgundy.

$5.00 Qumran Canary 1999 Luella Danielson S. yellow, midrib darker, sparse purple flecking; style arms bright orange yellow; F. maroon brown, heavily veined maroon and white on hafts and central area, becoming more solid maroon brown on lower portion, yellow brown 1/4" marginal band, sparse purple flecking; beards yellow brown; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  Rain Maiden OGB-  2005  V. & D. Brown S. Light purple, gold basal flush and very fine veins, domed; style arms honey yellow, slight lavender flush; F. Gold heavily washed red, gold shoulders and hafts, very fine darker veins giving appearance of red-gold, blood red thumbprint signal below B.; beard Gold 

Not Available  Rivers of Babylon 2004 L. Baumunk S. lavender, lighter at edges, tan-yellow inside at base; style arms striped lavender and tan-yellow; F. tan-yellow blending to lavender approaching edges, lighter rim, large red-brown signal; beards yellow.

Not Available  Saffron Charm 1954 Benbow Blend of saffron, gray and lavender.

Not Available  Sahra Tash OGB  1985  H. Shockey  S. oyster white, flushed old gold toward center; F. oyster white, blending to old gold at edge, center area flushed violet, blue black signal; dark bronze beard; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  Saracen Cinnamon 2009 C. Chacon S. yellow overlaid cinnamon, lighter midrib, fades to tan; style arms yellow, cinnamon midrib and crest; F. yellow overlaid cinnamon, darker on lower petal, small maroon-rust line signal; beards rusty lemon.

$10.00  Saracen Silks OGB  2008  C. Chacon S. light blue-violet; style arms light yellow; F. parchment washed violet below large maroon signal, maroon veining and stippling around beard and signal; beards lemon yellow.

Not Available  She Devil OB-  1996  P. Black  S. beetroot; style arms amber to beetroot; F. velvety dark red, veined black; beards brown, gold at base

Not Available  Sheba's Jewel 1994 H. Shockey S. white, slight maroon basal flush; F. white, large sharp crescent-shaped maroon purple signal; beards light bronze; rounded form; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Silent Wish OGB  1991  L. Flanagan  S. light violet, blended amber at midrib; F. smooth rosy violet blend, short dark violet rays around black beard; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance

Not Available  Smoke On The Mountain 2010 S. McAllister S. grey lavender ground blending to grey-yellow at edge, sparsely veined brown-violet; style arms violet, grey-yellow flush on crest; F. pale yellow ground almost completely covered with red-brown netting and flush, chocolate signal spot visible only as flush burns off; beards brass.

$4.00 Smoke with Wine OGB-  1981  C. Boswell  S. smoky yellow, blending to wine-red at base; F. wine-red at hafts and around beard, blendinq to smoky yellow, yellow edge; wine beard

Not Available  Spirit of Caleb 2003 Pete McGrath S. white, midrib chartreuse yellow; style arms light yellow; F. chartreuse yellow with distinct white edge, brown signal; beards white to yellow

$4.00 Sunflight 1989 E. Jensen S. bright golden yellow; F. same with 1/8"-wide metallic lavender stripe from beard to tip, white hafts flushed rusty maroon; lavender beard tipped orange; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Surpassing Yellow  2002  H. Mathes Intense yellow, F. with large dark mahogany signal; beards light mustard

Not Available  Sword of Gold  OGB  2007  S. McAllister S. pale lavender, yellow green flush at base of midrib; style arms tan cream; F. tan yellow, hint of faint green washed red, pale green reverse, dual signal, black spot with red brown ring; beards gold, long, thin, sword shaped.

$4.00 Syrian Princess 1988 H. Shockey S. near white; F. light flesh beige, large heart shaped dark brown black signal; dark bronze beard.

Not Available  Tadzhiki Bandit 1997 L. Ransom S. beige brown, overall darker veining more violet over paler center; style arms lilac violet, crests red brown; F. dark red brown, cream white ground showing on sides and hafts, diffuse brownish black signal; beards medium blue violet, hairs tipped bronze.

Not Available  Tarnished Coin 2002 L. Danielson S. smoky lavender green ground, violet veining darker at base; style arms apricot with violet stripe, crests blended reddish apricot; F. greenish yellow ground, fine rust veining and dotting, greenish yellow rim and speckles around dark maroon black signal; beards rich brown, hairs tipped greenish yellow, large and fuzzy; slight fragrance

Not Available  Tauris  1997 L. Ransom S. blue white; style arms cream white, bluish upper rib, yellower lower rib and stigmatic lip; F. blue white, small diffuse V-shaped grey purple signal below beard; beards golden yellow, tapered, beard tipped bronze; sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Tcha 'Deetch  2003  R. Stetson S. wistaria blue; style arms orange buff, midrib blue maroon, crests splashed blue green; F. buff with conspicuous maroon veining; beards brassy bronze; S. domed, F. pendant, recurved.

Not Available  Things To Come OGB+  1993  S. McAllister  S. amethyst ground with faint gold veins converging to gold filigree around rim; style arms amethyst, crests gold; F. golden ground, center completely covered deep ruby red; beards yellow orange, tipped violet

$8.00 Tien Shan OGB  2005  E. Jensen  S. pale lavender-blue; style arms pale yellow with blue stripe, crests yellow striped green; F. pale beige-yellow flushed green, rose veining and stippling at hafts and around beards, long wedge-shaped burgundy signal; beards bronze; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Trail Boss  1993  L. Flanagan S. light red brown; F. red brown, dark red brown signal; beards dark brown; ruffled; slight fragrance

$8.00 Tribute To Tom 2006 S. McAllister S. Dark purple with intense smoky overlay on opening, style-arms ashes of roses; F. Reddish lavender, with intense smoky overlay on opening that fades to reveal reddish signal below dark brown beards

$15.00 Troll's Treasure 2010 E. Jensen S. pale yellow, green midribs, narrow yellow beards inside; style arms yellow flushed green, crests bright yellow; F. yellow veined russet at hafts, signal burgundy outlined with red rays; beards wide honey yellow, narrow at ends.

$4.00 Trophy 1958 Linse S. lobelia-blue; F. same, deeper at base of blue beard.

Not Available  Turkish Heart OGB  1989  H. Shockey  S. white, midrib flushed citrine yellow; F. citrine yellow, large heart-shaped brown black signal; yellow beard; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00 Turkish Topaz RH  1962  L. Austin  S. blue-white with amber-yellow edge; F. yellow-brown with some purple striations; blue beard

$6.00 Ulalena OGB-  2003  G. Sutton  S. and style arms white; F. pale primrose yellow, some green gold veining, darker yellow blaze; beards pale yellow, hairs tipped yellow gold; lightly ruffled.

Not Available  Ultra Shy  2009  S. McAllister S. pale pinkish-violet overlaid smoky grey; style arms blend of yellow and pale burgundy overlaid grey smoke; F. pale green-yellow ground lightly washed burgundy, heavily overlaid grey smoke, round black-burgundy signal at tip of blackish burgundy beard; strong ultraviolet pigmentation.

Not Available  Unto The Lord 2010  S. McAllister S. pale pink-lavender, few delicate, slightly darker veins, yellow flush extending upward from base of midrib; style arms butter yellow, rosy flush along midrib, slight flush on crest; F. grey yellow ground completely covered with rosy flush, producing a blend that varies from pale peach to deep plum depending on light and viewing angle, large oval area of red violet dots and veins from haft to around deep burgundy signal spot; beards burgundy brown, few stray mustard hairs.

Not Available  Urmia 1997 L. Ransom S. pale grey blue, fine darker blue veining, edge lightly blended tan; style arms cream, bluer rib; F. pale grey blue, small oval diffused blue purple signal; beards golden yellow, tapered, hairs tipped bronze; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Vera 1969 G. Van Tubergen Very brown stolonifera type

Not Available  Vera-Anne RB  1996  L. Ransom S. golden yellow, center cream yellow, wide grey white center on reverse; style arms greyed cream, crests yellow; F. wide golden yellow border, grey white in center, short lavender violet flash at tip of beard, red brown haft veining; beards lavender grey, tipped light orange in throat.

$5.00 Vera-Marina RB  1998  L. Ransom  S. deep naples yellow changing to pale lavender center, reverse deeper; style arms lavender, crests yellow; F. old gold lower border, hafts veined darker, center light lavender purple with darker flash at tip of beards; beards lavender blue, hairs tipped mustard in throat

$4.00 Vera-Ruby RB  1996  L. Ransome  S. red brown changing to red violet in center, midrib flushed violet, wider violet flush on reverse; style arms red violet, brown violet crests; F. darker red brown border, red violet center, blackish red diffused spot and haft veining; beards light blue violet, hairs tipped bronze in throat.

Not Available  Verhooga 1998 L. Ransom Mauve brown blend, edges browner, centers clearer mauve, with very fine overall veining; style arms lavender mauve, crests browner; beards tapered, light yellow, pale blue base; slight spicy sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Volunteer Fireman  1957  Cline S. lavender red F. white base so heavily veined it appears dark red

$10.00 Vortex OGB-  2008  S. McAllister S. eggshell white fround with lavender mauve wash and veining that intensifies at edges; F. mauve ground with small white splashes scattered randomly; heavy purple dotting in signal area around yellow tipped brown beard.

$12.00 Wadi Safra Moonlight 2009 C. Chacon S. and F. icy blue-white; style arms bright white; purple signal patterned purple from haft to signal; beards yellow.

$5.00 Walker Ross OGB-  1998  W. Ross  Cool white, dark violet blue veining from center to edge; style arms light violet; beards wide, bronze with dark blue base giving black effect

Not Available  War Drums OGB   1996   S. McAllister S. smoky grey touched violet, few faint yellow veins; style arms flame yellow, reddish violet brushing on midrib and veins on crests; F. deep reddish black; beards near black, red cast in sun.

$4.00 Whiskey Mack RB  1982  H. Danielson S. heavily veined gold, violet veining on midrib with rust brown coloring next to styles, gold edge; F. same.

$4.00 White Arts 1986 L. Danielson Pure white; self beard.

Not Available  Wine And Lilac  1995  G. F. Wilson S. clear lilac, midrib lightly veined blue; F. lilac lightly flushed rose, large burgundy rose signal; beards purple violet, wide.

Not Available  Xerxes  2010  L. Baumunk S. lavender blending to yellow at hafts, some beard hairs at inner hafts; style arms bright yellow; F. tan prominently washed red from small maroon signal to within ½˝ of edges; beards deep yellow.

$4.00 Zerzura OGB  1990  B. Hager  S. white; pale yellow styles; F. white with just a hint of color when fresh, black signal; greyish yellow beard