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Beardless & Species

Standard Dwarf Bearded    

These are small plants that form a heavily flowered clump. They are great for borders and rock gardens. Flower stalks are 8-15". They bloom early in the season, usually around the beginning of May here.

$5.00      Amusing  2004  P. Black  S. pale mauve center blending to light tan, few pale red violet flecks; style arms peach; F. buff, random light red violet striations more intense on haft; beards intense coral pink, large; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance

$5.00 Apricot Fancy 2005 A. & D. Willott Light apricot self, F. veined light greyed violet; beards light coral, large; ruffled

$4.00      Artful  2000  P. Black  S. silvery orchid ground, wide heavily sanded and veined red purple plicata band, red purple midrib; style arms silvery orchid, red purple crests; F. medium orchid veined violet, darker centerline, red purple plicata band widening over haft, white throat area; beards pallid violet, orange gold in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

$5.00   RE Baby Blessed  1979  L. Zurbrigg  Light yellow with small white spot on F.; cream beard.

$4.00      Blackberry Jam  1995  A. & D. Willott  S. dark red violet; F. very dark red violet; beards orange brown; lightly ruffled

$5.00      Bling  2005  L. Baumunk  Bright gold yellow with a splash of white at the end of the yellow beards

$5.00 RE  Blitz  1988  J. Weller  S. full yellow; F. velvety dark yellow; light yellow beard; slight sweet fragrance

$5.00      Boast  2002  P. Black  S. and style arms bright gold; F. oxblood, gold rim and patch around beard, short white dart at end of beard, gold dot at end; beards gold, bushy, last few hairs white; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance

$5.00 Bourgeois 2003 P. Black S. claret purple; style arms purple, paler edges; F. lighter claret purple, small plum spot around beard and small blue flash at end of beard, dark navy veins; beards violet and brown; pronounced spicy fragrance.

$5.00 Bright Flash 2005 P. Black S. iridescent purple, veined darker blue-purple; style arms purple, darker blue-purple rib; F. metallic purple, darker blue-purple veining around outer Ú ; beard hairs white at base, bright yellow-gold upper Ú ; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance

$5.00 Bright Star Child 2005 C. Coleman S. and style arms blue violet; F. medium-size violet black spot blending to blue violet, light blue line extending from blue beard.

$4.00 Bright Water 1997 L. Markham S. smooth red purple, deeper midline; style arms pale lavender, red purple midline and crests, very elongate, with crests split and recurved; F. red purple, deeper midline, haft markings relatively inconspicuous; beards pale blue at end, warm yellow in throat.

$4.00    Cachet  2000  P. Black  S. pale buff, pinkish central blush; style arms pale lime yellow; F. ice white, narrow crystalline gold band, peach amber central veining; beards white-frosted dark lavender, burnt orange in throat; slight spicy fragrance

$5.00   Canadian Kisses  2006  P. Black  Blue plicata. White standards have very wide medium blue plicata bands and greenish blue ribs. Pure white falls have more solid medium blue plicata bands that are wide at hafts and narrowing as they move to the outer eges. There are small plum veined areas high on the hafts. White beards brushed yellow 

$5.00     Cat's Eye  2002  P. Black  S. and style arms mauve rose; F. dark red texture-veined black, wide mauve rose band; beards old gold, violet base; slight spicy fragrance

$4.00     Chanted  1990  B. Blyth  Pink with smoky cast; beards lavender blue, tangerine in throat.

Not Available    Cheerful Angel  1993  H. Nichols  S. pale creamy yellow, darker base; F. pale creamy yellow, darker halo; beards orange and creamy yellow; ruffled

$4.00 Cherry Pop 1984 B. Hager S. crimson red; F. redder to dark area around dark red beard.

$4.00      Chubby Cheeks  1985  P. Black  S. white ground, stitched light violet, greyed chartreuse band; F. white ground, stitched violet around outer portion, widely banded greyed chartreuse; pale violet beard tipped tangerine in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available     Cousin Carol  2004  L. Baumunk  S. bright medium yellow, some green veining at ribs; style arms lighter yellow; F. same as S. with darker yellow veined spot around beards; tangerine beards shading to white on end

$6.00 Cowboy Hat Pink 2008 L. Walker S. medium pink, gold rim; style arms medium pink, gold edge; F. medium pink, veined violet gold cast, veined gold hafts; beards violet tipped medium pink; pronounced spicy fragrance.

$5.00      Coy Mistress  2005  L. Baumunk  S. white with pale lavender blue plicata edging; style arms lavender blue; F. white with lavender blue plicata markings near haft area; beards white, tangerine in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available     Cream Pixie  1996  C. Chapman  S. light creamy yellow; F. deeper, throat yellow; beards very pale blue; slight fragrance

$5.00 Crystal Ship 2006 L. Lauer S. aster violet, canary yellow base; style arms white; F. aster violet, white luminata pattern around beard, thin white rim; beards white, cadmium orange in throat; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Dark Crystal 1988 M. Byers S. deep wine purple; F. wine black; medium blue violet beard.

$5.00 Devil Baby 2005 K. Keppel S. blackish granada red; style arms crest, margins, midrib; falls red black; beards dark purple end, hairs tipped mustard brown, throat mustard, base white

$5.00    Devoted  2005  P. Black  Mid violet-blue S and narrow blended band on wide wine-red F; big, thick, white chenille beards are nestled in a cluster of short white darts

$5.00 Dew Buzz Bye 2007 J. Adams S. light lemon yellow, light green midrib; style arms white edged light lemon yellow, light lavender center and stigmatic lip, feathered; F. light lemon yellow, heavily veined light chestnut brown spot surrounded by pale lemon merging to light lemon yellow edge; beards white tipped yellow, white at end; slight spicy fragrance.

$5.00     Dime  2005  P. Black  Lt greenish-brass S; lt slate violet F; w/ startling dark blue beards

$5.00 Don't Think Twice 2007 L. Baumunk S. white, ³⁄₁₆˝ violet stitching at rim, violet midrib, yellow deep in hafts; style arms deep violet at edges and center line blending to light red-violet; F. white, strong violet stitching becoming thin at tip, slight dotting in center; beards bright orange in throat, blended white-orange in middle, white at end.

$4.00 Dress Whites 1992 H. Hite S. white; F. white, faint blue wash; beards yellow, tipped gold; slight sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Enchanted Mocha 2002 B. & D. Schmieder Pinkish mocha, F. with large very dark mocha spot; beards white, hairs tipped tangerine, to almost fully tangerine in throat; lightly ruffled.

$5.00    Experiment  2005  P. Black  Burnished, greenish gold w/ fantastic dark indigo blue beards

$5.00      Fine Idea  2005  P. Black  Medium blue-purple w/ big white sunburst around orange beards

$5.00 Fires Of Fiji 2003 P Black Medium blue, F. with darker blue veining in throat and on haft; beards medium to dark orange, blue white at end, white base; slight musky fragrance

$5.00  RE  Forever Blue  1997  C. Chapman Light blue violet self; beards medium violet blue.

$4.00     Gadabout  1995  M. Hagberg  S. and style arms light violet blue; F. light beige, edged light violet blue; beards blue; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00     Gimmick  1999  K. Keppel  S. darker than port, slightly lighter toward center; style arms darker than port; F. 1/2" lemon yellow blaze with some port dotting and lining, hafts and margins darker than port; beards mustard brown; pronounced sweet fragrance

$6.00 Going Twice 2008 L. Lauer S. violet purple; style arms plum purple; F. campanula purple, darker lines downward; beards aster violet; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00  Golden Ruby  1986  O.D. Niswonger  S. yellow; F. red, edged yellow; pale frosty blue beard; ruffled.

Not Available  Herbal Tea  2001  S. Chapman S. greenish tan, violet center wash; style arms greenish tan; F. dark gold ground heavily veined and washed greenish tan, white center with violet dotting; beards violet.

$4.00 Iced Lemonade 1986 A. & D. Willott S. ruffled pale yellow; F. warm white, yellow hafts; pale yellow and blue beard.

$5.00 It Ain't Me Babe 2007 L. Baumunk S. lavender, darker lavender midribs and stitching around edges; style arms dark lavender blending to orchid then light yellow; F. light lavender washed darker, darker lavender stitching at hafts; beards bright orange, white at end.

$4.00 Jason 1986 P. R. Smith S. light creamy yellow; F. golden yellow; bluish white beard.

$10.00 Jester's Crown 2007 L. Walker S. gold, light violet over bronze edge, light medium gold base edged red violet plicata, violet midrib; style arms dark gold; F. yellow center, red violet becoming brown, gold rim, hafts gold veined brown violet; beards medium yellow tipped dark brown to cadmium orange.

$4.00   Jungle Gem  2000  J. T. Aitken S. tan; F. glossy red; beards yellow

$4.00     Klingon Princess  1997  C. Chapman  S. yellowish khaki, light violet wash; style arms yellowish khaki; F. yellowish khaki, citrine yellow edges and throat veining; beards dark violet, hairs tipped bronze; ruffled

$5.00   Leah Grace Scott  2004  W. & A. Godfrey S. evening sky blue violet, faint white feathered edging; F. evening sky blue violet, white feathered edging, white centerline; beards white; luminata pattern; lightly ruffled; sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Lemon Chill 2003 L. Burton S. bright lemon; style arms off white, crests lemon; F. slightly paler lemon, hafts darker yellow, small white area at end of beard; beards white, blue cast.

$4.00 Lemon Curd 1999 W. & A. Godfrey S. butter cream; F. deep lemon, butter cream rim; beards deep orange, white at end; ruffled.

$4.00    Leprechaun's Purse  1999  C. Chapman  S. pale greenish cream, pastel green midrib, scalloped margin; F. light greenish cream, yellow green lined spot; beards light violet, orange in throat

$4.00 Little Bluets 1992 J. Weiler Tailored medium blue self; beards cream; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Little Caballero 2007 L. Walker S. red-brown, lighter edge; style arms light violet center, gold outer band, violet-brown rim; F. gold washed red, light gold rim, gold ground veined red plicata hafts; beards dark gold, light gold at end.

Not Available  Little Croat  2007  R. Sparling Dark blue-violet self; beards white.

$4.00 Little Louie 1985 P. Black S. vibrant plum, olive cast at tip; F. blue violet blend, brown plum thumbprint, olive plum rim; lavender blue beard; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Love Unlimited 2000 R Tasco Canary yellow; beards tangerine, very light yellow at end; heavily ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Lovesick Blues 2007 L. Lauer S. white, aster violet edge, center stripe and lines radiating from rim; style arms; F. white, aster violet lines radiating from beard to aster violet rim; beards buttercup yellow, bluebird blue at end; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Medieval Knight 2004 L. Lauer S. amethyst violet, base sea lavender violet; style arms amethyst violet; F. amethyst violet, darker patterned shoulders; beards hyacinth blue at end, bronze, to red in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$5.00   Melanie Baither  2005  W. Hazelton S. medium violet; style arms violet; F. medium violet, paler around edges, white eyelash pattern around beards, blue center line extending to tip of F.; beards yellow tipped white; slight fragrance.

$5.00   Melted  2005  W. & A. Godfrey S. slightly ruffled creamy lemon; style arms palest cream; F. slightly ruffled deeper lemon with hazy shadow spot in middle when first opening; beards white tipped orange; sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Mini Might 1992 J. Weiler S. light yellow; F. slightly darker; beards lavender blue; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Music Box 1980 B. Hager S. lavender, deeper at base; F. greenish tan, edged brown on hafts; pale blue beard.

$4.00 Nessie 1998 L. Miller S. creamy green, smoky deep lavender solid border and dotted center; style arms cream, green edge; F. creamy green, violet plicata band, outer green band; beards light blue, white-based old gold to gold in throat.

$4.00 Neutron 2001 T. Johnson S. and style arms medium violet; F. darker medium violet; beards light violet on end, dull gold, to mustard in throat, base white; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$5.00   Night Mood  2003  L. Markham S. opaque soft wistaria blue, deeper texture veining; style arms wistaria blue; F. wistaria blue, deeper texture veining, hafts lightly brushed antique gold; beards thick, intense blackish violet, hairs tipped mustard in throat; slight sweet fragrance

$5.00   Orange Pekoe  2004  W. & A. Godfrey S. salmon pink, faint lemon edging; F. salmon pink veined deeper, faint lemon edging, green to lemon veining on haft and around beard; beards white, hairs tipped orange red; ruffled; sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Orange Zest 2004 A. & D. Willott S. and style arms light orange; F. full orange; beards deep orange; ruffled

$4.00   Passport to Pimlico  2000  W. & A. Godfrey S. burgundy; style arms white, midrib and crests purple; F. burgundy, burgundy black center spot, black burgundy wire rim; beards lavender white, orange in throat; ruffled; sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Patacake 1989 P. Black S. medium creamy orange; F. same, darker hafts, white dart at end of beard; orange beard tipped white; slight musky fragrance.

$5.00 Peace Within 2007 L. Lauer S. rhodamine purple; style arms rhodamine purple; F. same as S., sea lavender-violet marks below beard, almond lines over honeysuckle; beards apricot, lobelia blue at end; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00   Peach Petal Pie  1992  O. D. Niswonger S. ivory with pink infusion; F. ivory, increased pink infusion near white beard.

$4.00 Pele 1993 J. T. Aitken S. orange; F. orange, deep purple spot, orange hafts; beards coral; slight fragrance.

$5.00    Penny  2005  P. Black  Lt buff-peach S; round coppery peach F w/ big, bright red-orange beards

Not Available  Philip Marlowe  2009  L. Baumunk S. white, purple plicata rim, purple midribs and veining; style arms purple; F. white, pronounced purple veins extending to edge; beards tangerine in throat, yellow-white at end.

$4.00 Plum Wine 1986 J. Weiler S. full plum violet; F. dark red plum violet; dark red violet beard; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00   Privileged Character  1990  P. Black  S. silvery orchid white ground, bright rose purple plicata markings and band; F. silvery orchid white ground, bright rose purple plicata markings inside matching band; beards orchid white, tipped old gold; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Puddy Tat  2002  P. Black S. and style arms blue white; F. blue black, precise 1/8" blue white band, beard with white starburst alongside and dart at end; beards heavy, blue white to violet white, gold in throat; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

$4.00    Pumpin' Iron  1990  P. Black  S. dark sooty red black; F. dark black cherry spot shading to red purple margin; beards purple; pronounced spicy fragrance

$4.00 Rain Dance 1979 B. Jones Bluebird blue self; self beard.

$5.00   Reward  2004  K. Keppel S. greyed mulberry blended cordovan toward edge; style arms paler cordovan; F. red black to garnet; beards solid cadmium yellow

$5.00   Riverbuds  2003  W. & A. Godfrey Blue, F. with deeper haft veining when fresh; beards darker blue; sweet fragrance.

$6.00 Sapphire On Velvet 2008 L. Baumunk Dark velvet purple self with bright light blue beards

$4.00   Sea Monster  1993  L Miller  S. sky blue; F. olive green, paling at edge; beards baby blue; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Seesaw 1995 Schreiner Yellow self; beards blue.

$5.00 Sharp Dart 2005 L. Baumunk S. and style arms metallic gold infused with purple at base; F. dark red with gold band on perimeter, white to light gold haft marks, white dart at tip of beard; beards prominent lavender-blue

$5.00   Shock  2004  K. Keppel S. blue white heavily washed cream, darkest toward midrib; style arms cream to pale yellow, lip lavender; F. oyster, deeper washed spot; beards blue at end to white, hairs tipped orange in throat

$5.00 Slick 2003 L. Markham Silken intense red violet, S. with deeper midline; style arms lighter violet, midrib and crests red violet; beards soft blue, light yellow in throat; stamens with violet filament, pollen cream; foliage with slight purple base, pods infused purple.

Not Available  Snugglebug  1993  Schreiner S. red maroon; F. velvety maroon black with darker thumbprint; beards red maroon.

$5.00 Solar Max 2005 D. Spoon S. very light yellow, darker in center; style arms light yellow; F. light yellow, darker golden yellow spot, near white midline below beard; beards light yellow tipped golden yellow in middle, orange in throat; ruffled, diamond dusted; pronounced spicy sweet fragrance

Not Available  Some Sunny Day  2009  L. Baumunk S. and F. soft medium yellow; style arms very light yellow; beards tangerine, blue white at end.

$5.00 Spiderman 2005 D. Spoon S. deep purple-black; style arms deep reddish-purple; F. deep purple-black border, dark venation over white ground; beards purple, bluer than; flared, ruffled

$5.00    Spirit Guide  2003  C. Chapman  S. light yellow base and center washed violet; style arms tan yellow to light violet; F. tan yellow veined hafts and rim, center blended violet and tan wash; beards dark yellow hair tips, base white; ruffled

$5.00 Story Oft Told 2007 Ragle S. very pale apricot, ¼˝ dotted edge of pale violet, same dotting on midribs; style arms very pale persian rose lighter than, top pale persian rose; F. same as S. lined at haft and dotted with ¹⁄₈˝ edge of pale mineral violet, small haft area of pale apricot; beards saturn red, white tipped mineral violet at end; slight sweet fragrance.

$5.00    Summoned Spirit  2002  C. Chapman  S. pastel greyed violet blue; style arms yellow, stigmatic lip blue; F. greyed violet blue center wash, dusty yellow haft and rim; beards white with yellow hair tips, yellow in throat; ruffled, flared

$4.00 Sweet Baby 2000 K. Keppel S. dark red purple; style arms dark red purple; F. blackish red purple, few inconspicuous white haft veins; beards pale blue, hairs tipped bronze in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Sweet Bite 1995 P. Black S. buff, midrib infused pink; style arms white; F. diamond-dusted warm white, blushed pale tan pink around beard; beards white, tipped orange; slight musky fragrance.

$5.00   Sweet Embrace  2005  L. Lauer S. white ground, campanula violet plicata markings, solid at rim and midrib line; style arms sea lavender violet; F. white ground, sea lavender rim, light sea lavender dotting inside of rim; beards cornflower blue, indian yellow in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

$5.00    Tan Lines  2005  C. Chapman  Heavily veined brown on white Falls; yellow Standards; yellow beard 

Not Available  1985  Tarheel Elf  O. D. Niswonger Ruffled very dark red purple; medium blue beard

$4.00   Tinkerbell  1954  G. Douglas S. medium blue, F. dark blue; white beard.

$5.00  True  2006  T. Johnson  Ruffled standards are satiny medium peach. Styles are darker peach. Round falls are pale peach with slightly darker buff-peach bands and blended peach spot closer to white beards tipped tangerine. Hafts are golden peach and short white rays surround beards

$5.00   Tyrian Velvet  2005  J. Burton II S. dark rich purple; style arms; F. dark rich purple, velvety; beards

$5.00    Ultimate  2003  T. Johnson  S. and style arms medium yellow; F. dark mahogany spot, precise yellow band narrower at haft, short dart into lower spot edge, few gold rays on haft; beards yellow, white base; slight spicy fragrance

$5.00 Under My Thumb 2005 M. Sutton S. plum burgundy, black overlay; F. maroon, black thumbprint; beards lavender at end, yellow in middle, yellow orange in throat, occasional small lavender horns; slight sweet fragrance

$5.00 Velvet Echo 2005 A. & D. Willott S. deep violet; style arms full violet; F. velvety deep red-violet edged full violet; beards full violet, yellow orange in throat; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance

$5.00   Vivaldi  2007  L. Baumunk S. white, light blue plicata rim; style arms light blue blending to orchid in center; F. white, light blue plicata rim becoming solid around beards, visible gold haft marks; beards light blue, gold in throat.

$4.00 What Again 1991 A. Ensminger S. wistaria blue; F. straw yellow; beards wistaria blue.

$4.00   Wimple  1999  W. & A. Godfrey Ruffled lavender pink fancy pattern, S. tinged muted gold on midrib; beards white, orange in throat

$4.00    Wine Spritzer  2001  V. Messick  S. lavender rose; F. pinkish rose, wine spot; beards light blue; ruffled

Miniature Dwarf Bearded

These are the smallest of the bearded iris with flower stalks no more than 8" high. They also make good border and rock garden plants. Their bloom season is the earliest just before SDBs.

$4.00   Betwixt  1987  A. & D. Willott Ruffled light violet, full violet spot on F.; creamy white beard.

$4.00   Buddha Song  1970  B. Dunbar  S pale blue-white, violet-blue midrib; F deep violet, darker and redder toward center; blue-white beard

$5.00  Crouching Tiger  2003  Tankesley-Clarke S. and style arms light yellow; F. pale yellow, small brown spot; beards white.

$4.00   Daisy Fresh  1988  A. & D. Willott S. white, yellow midrib; F. white, yellow spot; pale blue and yellow beard.

$6.00   Fire Opal Orange  2008  L. Walker  Bright medium orange self; beards mandarin orange.

$5.00   Hidden Dragon  2003  Tankesley-Clarke S. bright violet; style arms deep violet; F. dark violet, blackish violet overlay; beards deep blue; slight sweet fragrance.

$5.00  Howesie  2005  J. Burton II Dark red-lavender self, white lines radiate around beard; beards blue.

$4.00   Humbug  2000  C. Chapman  S. light apricot pink, darker midrib, wide light cream band; style arms light orange cream; F. orange brown, wide light orange cream edge; beards light orange, yellow orange at end and red in throat; ruffled.

$5.00 Krishnaji 2005 T. Magee White glaciata; beards white, gold in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance

$5.00   Lesser Goldfinch  2003  L. Baumunk S. and style arms medium yellow; F. deep yellow, small purple brown spot below beard; beards light yellow blending to deep bright yellow in throat

Not Available  Little Bird  2010  L. Baumunk S. yellow, inner brown haft marks; style arms white, yellow crests; F. yellow heavily overlaid milk chocolate brown; beards orange yellow.

$5.00   Moi  2004  L. Baumunk  S. pink with medium purple midribs and dotting; style arms medium purple; F. white with narrow pink rim, purple plicata dotting and veining at hafts, sparsely dotted on bottom; beards tangerine, white at tip

$4.00   Peepers  1991  L. Miller White with dark hyacinth blue spot on F.; white beard.

$4.00 Royal Maroon 2001 D. Spoon Lightly ruffled maroon; style arms dark amber, maroon midrib and crests; beard brownish maroon; flared.

$4.00  Suslik  1996  J. Burton Dark red violet, deeper around beard; style arms red violet; beards blue violet to blue, gold in throat, bushy

$4.00  Tiny Temptress  1998  A. & D. Willott S. warm white; style arms white; F. blue white, blue flush at end of creamy white beard; lightly ruffled

$4.00 Wee Doll  1981  W. Greenlee  S. light lilac; F. lilac.

$4.00 Wise 2001 T. Johnson S. and style arms dark purple; F. darker purple, dark purple band; beards white, gold in throat, wide and bushy; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.