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Border Bearded
Intermediate Bearded
Miniature TB
Beardless & Species

Smaller flowers on thinner stems 16-27". Bloom season is late IB through TB season.

$5.00   Bach Fugue  2005  L. Baumunk  S. White; F. white with maroon veining, most falls have irregular streaks of maroon giving broken color pattern; beards yellow

$5.00   Bach Toccata  2005  L. Baumunk  S. Light yellow, maroon veining inside; style arms blended pale yellows; F. white with maroon veining, most falls have irregular streaks of maroon giving broken color pattern; beards yellow

$4.00   Bangles  1995  L. Miller S. medium amethyst, aging light amethyst; F. medium sapphire blue, aging light blue violet, amethyst signal; beards gold.

$4.00   Baubles & Beads  1997  L. Miller  S. bright gold; style arms golden yellow; F. red black, slight haft stippling; beards dark gold; slight musky fragrance

$4.00   Bumblebee Deelite 1986 J. & G. Norrick S. yellow; F. maroon, edged yellow; orange beard; tailored.

$6.00   Clown Pants  2006  T. Silvers  S. pale yellow, speckles on claw; style arms pale yellow; F. pale yellow ground overlaid with purplish haft striping blending into burgundy on lower half of F., rimmed pale yellow; beards yellow orange, end slightly lighter, hairs tipped purplish; slight fragrance

$5.00   Cookie's Bright Spot  2002  O. Wulf  S. aureolin yellow; F. white, darker yellow rim; beards yellow orange, bright yellow at end; rounded, flared form; foliage deep purple-based

$4.00   Crafted  2001  M.L. Dunderman S. cream white, 1/4"-1/2" rose plicata edge; style arms rose edged yellow, crests rose; F. cream white, 1/8"-1/4" rose plicata lines and edging, hafts yellow rose; beards dark yellow.

$5.00   Daemon Imp  2004  S. Markham S. and style arms dark red violet; F. slightly darker, velvety, white vein pattern halfway down on sides; beards dark bronzy gold, hairs gold with red violet base.

$5.00   Dividing Line  2005  C. Bunnell  S. pale blue violet fading to blue white; style arms pale purple; F. pale purple, bisected by pale purple midline, violet spot and white haft markings; beards yellow

Not Available  Foxy Lass 2008 J. & V. Craig S. creamy pale lavender, nicely ruffled; style arms creamy pale lavender; F. medium fuchsia, very flared; beards dark orange.

$5.00   Garnet Jewelry  2005  A. & D. Willott  S. and style arms light red-purple blend; F. deep red-purple, white rays around beards; beards yellow-orange

$6.00   Jiggity-Jig  2007  S. Markham  S. White: F. dark red-purple with white "whiskers" in the haft area

$4.00   Kaleidoscope  1929  Katkamier Yellow with red markings, no two flowers are the same

$8.00 Maidenhood 2008 J. & V. Craig S., style arms and F. pale lavender fading to white; beards white tipped dark burnt orange.

$4.00   Merit  1996  K. Fisher  S. and F. with white central area surrounded by lavender spots, blending to brown border; beards orange

$5.00   Mermaid Street  2004  L. Baumunk S. soft orchid-cream pink delicately veined lavender; style arms soft orchid-cream pink with lavender midribs; F. white with delicate lavender veins, more prominent near hafts; beards yellow, orange yellow in throat

$5.00   Missus Bee  2003  C. Bunnell  S. lilac blue; F. red violet, hafts white with violet veins; beards yellow, prominent

$5.00   Ozark Maid  2003  K. Fisher S. medium purple, white ground midrib veined purple; F. solid purple lower half, remainder white veined purple; beards orange

$5.00   Performer  2003  K. Fisher S. blue, midrib white with blue veining radiating from base; F. blue, white central area with radiating blue veining; beards yellow, small

$4.00   Petit Lion  2001  L. Baumunk  S. light yellow, faint purple lines and dots more pronounced on inside; style arms light yellow; F. white entirely covered with distinct purple veins, small purple area at distal end, thin white margin, petal reverse light yellow; beards bright yellow, white at end

$5.00   Petit Louvois  2005  C. Mahan  S. muted red-violet almost brown; style arms yellow with midribs and crests the color of S.; F. deep red-violet almost maroon with yellow in the center and an edge rim the color of S.; beards gold; slight fragrance

$5.00   Pretty Reward  2002  R. Probst  S. gold; F. raspberry purple rimmed gold, veined mahogany and cream from haft into blade; beards cream yellow; S. open, F. flared

$4.00   Pug  2001  E. Kalkwarf  S. gold, some brown flecking; F. white with brown stripes, gold edging; beards yellow

$5.00   Razzleberry Dressing  2005  S. Markham  S. cream with pale yellow flush at base and on lower midribs; style arms cream with pale yellow flush at base; F. raspberry veined cream with heavier raspberry color at fall tips, cream edges; beards pale yellow; slight fragrance; leaf bases tinged purple

Not Available  Return To Me  2008  J. & V.Craig S. and style arms very pale lavender aging to white; F. warm lavender; beards white tipped yellow.

$4.00   Rhages  1934  Mead-Riedel  Diploid white ground plicata, speckled and sanded in blue

$8.00 Say Red 2008 J. & V. Craig S., style arms and F. garnet red; beards yellow; flared, lightly waved.

$8.00 Sherman 2008 J. Taylor Full yellow self; beards orange.

$5.00  Sky Tracery  2003  S. Markham Pale blue violet, F. with darker blue violet texture veining; beards yellow gold, base blue white.

$5.00   Spring Blush  2002  K. Fisher  Peach self; beards orange pink

Not Available  Thisbe  1923  W.R. Dykes Almost white lavender self

$5.00 Tracking 2003 W. T. Varner S. yellow ground, purple midrib and burgundy plicata marking; style arms yellow, edged purple; F. yellow, burgundy plicata edge; beards yellowish brown; flared horizontally; slight fragrance.

$8.00 Triplicity 2008 J. Taylor S. coppery bronze, yellow near base, purplish near tip; F. slightly paler than S. with red purple wash on blade, fine brown haft reticulation; beards gold.

$4.00   Virginia Lyle  1994  A&D Willot  Lightly ruffled medium violet blue; beards yellow orange.

$4.00   Wings of Lace  1998  O. Wulf  S. and style arms hyacinth blue; F. darker violet, heavily lace-patterned white; beards violet

$5.00 Z Z Zanzibar 2005 B. Kasperek S. white; style arms white; F. white, blue violet veining; beards white