Tall Bearded
Border Bearded
Intermediate Bearded
Miniature TB
Beardless & Species

Smaller than Tall Bearded, same height as Border Bearded but more petite. Bloom season is between SDB and TB. 

$4.00 Angel Heart 1996 J. T. Aitken S. white; F. white, hafts yellow; beards orange.

$4.00   Banded Butterfly  1987  C. Boswell S. bright yellow; F. darker yellow, veined brown 2/3rds way down, inner white band, 1/4" yellow band at edge; yellow beard

$4.00 Bedtime Story 1982 J. Ritchie S. light amethyst violet. slightly darker midrib; F. violet around beard and upper third, blending to light amethyst violet; amethyst violet beard.

$4.00   Blue Eyed Blond  1989  A. Ensminger  Yellow; violet beard tipped blue  

$4.00   Bottled Sunshine  1995  H. Nichols  S. aureolin; F. white, deeper aureolin on edge and each side of gold beards; ruffled; pronounced fragrance

$4.00 Carriwitched 1993 S. Innerst White ground purple plicata; beards bluish, tipped bronze; slight fragrance.

$5.00 RE  Crimson King  1893  Barr  Red-purple standards, purple falls with white hafts and beards, fragrant 

$5.00 RE  Double Your Fun  2000  J. T. Aitken S. pearl white, midrib flushed deep violet; F. soft butter yellow, slightly darker by yellow beard.

$5.00 RE  Eleanor Roosevelt  1933  Sass-McDade  Dark purple, white beard. Very vigorous and a prolific rebloomer

$6.00 RE  Fast Forward  2002  J. T. Aitken S. soft blue violet, base flushed deeper violet; F. soft yellow, hafts washed amber; beards white, hairs tipped yellow.

$4.00 Firebug 1993 Joseph Gatty S. deeper than chrome lemon; F. blended garnet brown to algerian red, narrow rim matching S.; beards chrome lemon based white at tip, bronze yellow in throat; slight fragrance

$4.00 Frothingslosh 1993 S. Innerst White, trimmed powder blue; beards blue, tipped yellowish; slight fragrance.

$5.00   Garnet Slippers  2005  K. Keppel S. burgundy; style arms greyed burgundy, edges blended golden tan; F. red black; beards mandarin red

$4.00   Glorious Day  1991  H. Nichols  S. medium dresden yellow; F. lighter, white blending below gold and white beard

$4.00   Goddess of Luck  1996  O. D. Niswonger  S. blue and yellow blend; style arms buff; F. with blue plicata markings, yellow outer rim, white central area; beards blue, hairs tipped bronze

$4.00 Harlow Gold 1982 P. Black Full bright yellow, small white flash at tip of full yellow beard; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$5.00   Hot Glow  2005  R. Tasco S. golden canary yellow; style arms golden canary yellow, lighter along midribs, brighter at crest; F. golden canary yellow, darker spot that lightens with age; beards white tipped burnt orange in throat, tangerine in middle, canary yellow at end; ruffled; sweet fragrance

$5.00 Jump Start 2002 K. Keppel S. burgundy; style arms dark wine edged golden wheat; F. velvety red black; beards burnt orange, firecracker in throat; foliage strongly purple-based.

$4.00 Lemon Pop 1990 L. Lauer Lemon yellow; white beard tipped yellow.

$6.00 RE  Many Mahalos  2003  J. T. Aitken  Orange self; beards deep orange

$6.00 RE  Mariposa Wizard  2004  R. Tasco  S. wistaria blue, midrib base flushed darker; style arms wistaria blue, darker midrib; F. dark violet, slight reddish influence; beards medium blue violet, gold in throat; ruffled; slight musky fragrance

$5.00 RE  Midsummer Night's Dream  1999  L. Baumunk  Dark purple self; beards dark purple

 $4.00   Neon Troll  1993  H. Nichols  S. yellow; F. deep neon yellow, sometimes edged slightly lighter; beards orange; lightly ruffled; sweet fragrance

$4.00   Prince Of Burgundy  1993  O. D. Niswonger  S. dark burgundy, center touched white; F. white, burgundy plicata edge; beards white, very slightly tipped yellow

$4.00 Rare Edition 1980 J. Gatty S. mulberry purple to toga solid border, midrib and a few small speckles on white ground; F. white with 1/8" stitched edge of S. color; blue white beard faintly tipped bronze.

 $4.00  River Of Dreams  1999  K. Chadwick  S. dark violet base blending to light violet toward tip; style arms light violet; F. sky blue, bronze veining on shoulders; beards white, tangerine red toward throat

$4.00 Roz 1996 S. Innerst S. gold; style arms yellow gold; F. gold, red spot; beards orange.

$4.00 Snowcone 1987 J. T. Aitken Ruffled creamy white; light yellow beard.

$4.00 Star Woman 1998 M. Smith S. blackish royal purple, faint lavender grey marks at deep purple midrib; style arms strong mauve violet, edges greyer; F. pearl ground, " darkest black violet rim and center stripe, dark violet dashing and stitching within rim; beards blue violet at end, gold-tipped blue violet central area, yellow in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Tantrum 1997 K. Keppel S. light chrome yellow, faint greyed rosy brown center flush; style arms aureolin; F. cadmium lemon, solid 1/2" oxblood border, oxblood dart at tip of light chrome yellow beard; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00 Tchin-Tchin 1988 J. Gatty S. peach; F. slightly lighter with blended overlay of buff pink on upper center, creamy median line; bittersweet orange beard; very slight fragrance.

$4.00  Up To Snuff   1998  A. Ensminger  S. and style arms mimosa yellow; F. deeper mimosa yellow; beards canary yellow; slight fragrance 

$4.00 Zebra     i. pallida Yellow-green variegated foliage with small lavendar flower with white beards