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Smaller version of Tall Bearded, only 16-27". Bloom season is the same as Tall Beardeds.

Not Available  Anaconda Love 1999 B. Kasperek S. light pink, lightly splashed beetroot purple; style arms beetroot purple and pink, lightly laced; F. beetroot purple, streaked silver white, occasionally streaked pink; beards orange; broken color pattern; ruffled; slight fragrance.

$4.00   Baby Grand  1997  D. Meek  S. blue violet, midrib flushed deeper; F. white; beards blue; ruffled, heavily textured; sweet fragrance

 $4.00  Batik  1986  A. Ensminger White ground, striped royal purple; yellow beard tipped white

$5.00   Be My Baby  2004  P. Black Ruffled opalescent pale pink, F. blending to white near beard; style arms light buff peach; beards white base, hairs tipped tangerine; pronounced spicy fragrance

$4.00   Bitterroot Valley  1982  J. Fuller  S. white ground, edged light delft blue with some peppering and stippling along edge; F. white ground, 1/2" bright dark violet blue band; white beard

$8.00 Bonjour 2008 L. Baumunk S. very pale lavender-blue; style arms same, darker lavender highlights; F. very pale lavender-blue, prominent medium golden-brown veins and spot extending ¾˝ around beards; beards medium golden-brown, lavender at end.

$4.00   Border Control  2000  T. Johnson  S. ice white, basal violet blue infusion; style arms ice white; F. medium violet blue, icy blue white area on either side of beard; beards white, orange gold in throat; ruffled; spicy fragrance

$6.00   Chimney Soot  2007  V&D Brown  Soot black self, black beard

Not Available   Desperado  1979  K. Keppel  S. greenish yellow, edges sanded greyed violet; F. pale marguerite yellow to warm white, narrow greyed violet sanded edge; darker, rosier purple hafts overlaid java brown; white to yellow beard faintly tipped bronze

$4.00  Eramosa Miss  1998  C. Chapman  Ruffled apricot pink, F. lighter around apricot pink beard

$4.00   Evelyn Rose  1996  G. Richardson  S. pale lemon, infused light pink; F. pale lemon yellow, hafts touched soft apricot; beards tangerine

$8.00 It's All Right 2008 L. Lauer S. sea lavender violet, midrib and rim chrome yellow; style arms sea lavender violet, chrome yellow edge; F. hazelnut, darker shoulders; beards bronze yellow, lilac at end; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$4.00   Jungle Shadows  1960  Sass-Graham  Blended brown-gray and purple; brown beard

Not Available  Lady Of The Night  2008  P. Black S. dark royal purple, satin finish; style arms medium royal purple; F. velvety black-purple, muted white rays on each side of yellow gold beard; lightly ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

$4.00   Lenora Pearl  1990  H. Nichols  Ruffled salmon pink; hot orange beard

$5.00 RE  Midsummer's Eve  1999  D. Spoon S. and style arms pink; F. peach pink, darker veining; beards tangerine; lightly ruffled, flared.

Not Available  Minnesota Mixed Up Kid  1970  J. Worel S., style arms and F. light cream ground with irregular purple blotches and specks; S. with yellow at base extending on margin 1/3 distance upward, continuing as yellow marginal tinge; F. similar, yellow slightly more pronounced and extending halfway, continuing as yellow tinge; beards yellow, slightly darker in throat; slight sweet fragrance

$5.00  Moon and Stars  2005  D. C. Nearpass Pure white self; beard hairs white tipped yellow, deeper yellow in throat; ruffled, flared

$4.00   Plum Creek  1975  L. Hildenbrandt  S. plum purple; F. plum purple, washed beetroot purple; plum purple beard

$4.00   Senior Prom  1991  M. Wolff  Ruffled and laced doge purple, lighter in center of F.; beards tangerine; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00   Shenanigan  1985  K. Keppel  S. miniature pink; F. rhodenite pink with dahlia purple wash, darker on edge and hafts; white beard tipped yellow to tangerine; slight sweet fragrance

$6.00 Snazzy 2007 K. Keppel S. dark violet; style arms prelate purple; F. vatican purple. light velvet finish; beards gold, in throat and middle, at end; ruffled.

$4.00   Tanya Elizabeth  1972  H. Wolff  Ruffled dauphin violet; lighter beard

$4.00   Teryn Leigh  1994  M. Wolff  S. canary yellow; F. buttercup yellow; beards tangerine orange; ruffled, laced

$4.00   Very Varied  1993  A. Ensminger  Royal purple streaked white; beards sulphur yellow; slight fragrance

$4.00   Yo  1993  A. Ensminger  Rhodamine purple self; beards saturn red.

Not Available  Zingerado  2004  L. Baumunk S. white; style arms white; F. white with large prominent gold spot surrounding beards; yellow orange beards.