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Large blooms on well branched stalks over 27". Bloom season peaks here around Memorial Day weekend. In the south they peak closer to the beginning of May.

Abbreviations: S = Standards (upper 3 petals); F = Falls (lower 3 petals); RE = Rebloomer (blooms a second time in late summer / early fall); SA = Spaceage (has a horn, spoon, or flounce extending from the end of the beard)  

Not Available  Abigail Nicole  2000  D. Pinegar  S. and style arms medium yellow; F. white ground, dark gold haft marking, overall dark purplish blue veining becoming near-solid by 3/8" greyed plum edge; beards medium yellow, white at end, dark yellow in throat; lightly ruffled

Not Available  Achy Breaky Heart 2006 G. Sutton S. cream infused pale pink; style arms creamy pink; F. white overlaid and veined shades of bluebird blue; beards red orange, white at end; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

$5.00 SA  Alabaster Unicorn  1996  G. Sutton Ruffled white self; beards yellow, white horns.

Not Available  Alcazar 1910 Vilmorin S. light mauve or hortense violet, shaded deeper in recesses of creped portions.; F. deep velvety pansy violet, bronzed and veined on wide outer haft and becoming olive-yellow along the dense, showy beard.

Not Available  All About Spring 2006 F. Kerr S. lilac, yellow edge widening and becoming more gold at haft; style arms lilac, yellow edge; F. lilac, narrow yellow edge, wide gold hafts; beards golden orange; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Almost An Angel 2006 H. Nichols S. white; F. blended pink and maize yellow, white edge; beards creamy tangerine; ruffled.

Not Available   Almost Eden 2000 D. Meek S. rose tan; style arms lighter rose tan; F. ivory, blushed rose tan when fresh, rose tan narrow rim and darker hafts; beards rose tan, blue violet at end; ruffled, laced

Not Available  Amplified  2000  J. Ghio  S. yellow orange, red infusion; F. bright yellow orange; beards red, white base

$5.00 Anything Goes 1998 B. Hager S. rosy pink; F. deeper rose, veined from throat 2/3 way down petal; beards tangerine.

$4.00  Apollo One  1997  G. Sutton S. white ground, sanded and edged spiraea red; style arms white and burgundy; F. white, striped and edged spiraea red; beards bronze gold, hairs tipped light burgundy, spiraea red horn; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$5.00 Arctic Fox 1998 V. Wood White self; beards very dark burnt red.

Not Available  At First Blush 2006 F. Kerr S. light pink, darker at center; style arms pink; F. light pink, darker pink hafts; beards tangerine, white at end; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Aura Light 1996 B. Blyth S. pure white; F. brilliant gold; beards mustard; ruffled.

Not Available  SA  Awesome Alex 2004 T. Burseen S. pearl white; style arms white, lavender wash; F. cream, violet wash to creamy sand edge; beards bronze orange, large fuzzy purple horn; ruffled.

Not Available  Ballroom  2003 P. Black S. light mauve pink, orchid midrib infusion, buff pink edge; style arms cameo pink, midrib violet; F. bluish orchid blend, haft light pink with plum veins; beards coral pink; heavily laced; slight musky fragrance.

Not Available Banana Frappe 1991 R. Ernst Ruffled yellow; beards yellow orange; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Battle Royal 1994 J. Ghio Cherry red over apricot base; beards bronze.

Not Available   Before The Storm  1989  S. Innerst  Black; black beard tipped bronze; slight fragrance   

Not Available  Belle De Provence 2006 L. Baumunk S. and style arms medium pale orange, S. more pink at center; F. white, ½˝ medium pale orange band; beards medium orange; ruffled.

$15.00 Beth's Blessings 2010 T. Burseen S. pale lavender blue-white, fine yellow gold edges; style arms same as S., more prominent yellow-gold edging; F. white washed amber yellow at edges, yellow ochre shoulders; white frosted beards gold, blue at end; flared, looping ruffles; slight sweet fragrance.

$6.00 Betty Zimmerman 2006 H. Nichols Ruffled white ground violet plicata; beards tangerine.

Not Available Bewitchment 2004 J. Ghio S. deep pink, base purple; F. light orchid pink, shoulders deeper pink; beards tangerine.

$4.00   Birthday Greetings  1995  J. Ghio  S. Coral pink, F. with deeper coral shoulders; beards tipped tangerine; slight sweet fragrance

$8.00 Bishop John David 2007 G. Sutton Cornflower blue self; beards white at end, yellow tipped white in middle, yellow in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Black As Night  1993  D. Meek  S. red black, flushed red at midrib; F. darker; beards black, tipped brown mustard; ruffled; slight fragrance  

$4.00   Black Tie Affair  1993  Schreiner  Velvety inky black; beards black

$6.00  Blackberry Tease  2004  T. Johnson S. dark purple black, center white with near-overall dark purple black sanding; style arms dark purple, violet midrib, tan edge; F. white to cream ground, dark plum plicata haft, red violet sanded veins beside beard, 1/2" dark charcoal purple band, 1/2" sanded plicata-veined inner band; beards dark purple at end, burnt orange, to orange in throat; heavily ruffled; pronounced musky fragrance

$5.00 Blankety Blank 1998 T. Burseen S. white ground, heavily washed cherry; style arms red violet; F. creamy apricot, marked and dotted cherry, solid at edge; beards lemon; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

$5.00 RE  Blatant  1990  M. Byers S. clear canary yellow; F. vivid magenta blended beetroot with lighter edge faintly infused old gold, heavily marked hafts; indian yellow beard; ruffled; pronounced musky fragrance.

Not Available  Blazing Beacon  2005  R Tasco S. aureolin yellow; style arms aureolin yellow, fringe on style crest; F. golden yellow with bronze overlay, darker bronze shoulders; beards yellow at end, bronze in middle, tangerine in throat, occasional brownish-burgundy horns; moderately ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Blonde Moment 2006 H. Nichols S. empire yellow; F. lighter empire yellow, white area below beard, hafts chinese yellow; beards yellow and white; ruffled.

Not Available   Blue Suede Shoes  1996  Schreiner  Ruffled medium blue self; beards yellow, tipped white at end

$6.00  Bold Encounter  2003  P. Black  S. old gold, midrib flushed burgundy, gilt gold rim; style arms old gold, midrib smoky violet; F. velvety black cherry, some yellow at haft, narrow gilt to brown rim, short white dart at end of old gold beard; lightly laced; slight spicy fragrance

Not Available  Bold Vision 2000 F. Kerr S. dark yellow; F. dark yellow, lighter around gold beard, wide brownish red band; ruffled, flared.

$4.00   Braggadocio  1997  K. Keppel  S. honey beige; style arms golden beige, center flushed lavender; F. blended dahlia purple to port wine, center blended plum, rim shaded old mauve; beards dark burnt orange; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00  Brazen Beauty  1994  D. Meek S. ivory with wide raspberry pink rim; F. ivory, precise darker raspberry pink plicata rim; beards brick red; laced, heavily ruffled.

$6.00   Bridal Icing   2003  T. Johnson Heavily laced cold white, F. with slight gilt gold rim, fine gold haft veining; beards yellow gold; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  Brilliant Disguise 2008 T. Johnson S. vibrant apricot-orange; style arms orange, crests brushed maroon; F. velvety dark maroon-black; beards fiery orange; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Broken Dreams  1998  K. Keppel  S. opera pink; style arms peach; F. peach, yellower haft overlay, small paler area; beards indian orange, paler at end; irregular white color breaking in petals, style arms and beards; heavily ruffled, faintly laced

Not Available  Broken Pattern  2004  P. Black S. light violet blue, random medium violet streaks; style arms light to medium violet blue, gilt gold midrib and crest tips; F. medium violet blue, pale blue white center streak, random dark purple streaks heavier at haft; beards medium violet, hairs tipped mink brown; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Buffer Zone 1998 S. Innerst Medium brown; beards golden brown; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Bushwhacked 2006 P. Black S. smoky medium maize, charcoal purple infusion up rib; style arms darker smoky maize; F. pale peach lined and veined red purple around beard, blending to smoky claret, darker toward edge, paler plum tan narrow rim; white ridge at end of orange beard; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Not Available   Cajun Spices  1995  W. Maryott  Sunfast copper self; beards yellow

$4.00   Calm Sea  1993  B. Hager  Ruffled clear light blue; beards light blue

$6.00   Captain Crunch   2003   P. Black S. center peach pink blending to soft gold toward edge, gold texture veining; style arms peach apricot, center pink; F. white finely texture veined yellow, haft peach amber, narrow gold marginal band, petal reverse peach; beards tangerine; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

$6.00  Carl & Sissy  2003  P. Black S. pale pearly violet blue; style arms same, rib orchid; F. rosy violet, subdued silvery blue violet edge, slight blue haze 

Not Available  Cascade Springs  1994  Schreiner  S. blue lavender wash; F. blue white with blue lavender washed center; beards light blue, frost tipped; ruffled  

$4.00   Cee Cee  1996  S. Innerst  S. ice blue; F. and style arms dark blue; beards blue black  

 Not Available  Celebration Song  1993  Schreiner  S. apricot pink; F. blue lavender; beards tangerine  

Not Available   Champagne Frost  1997  K. Keppel  S. blue white faintly flushed very pale pink; style arms blue white, crests brushed buff peach; F. peach buff flushed peach, hafts suffused corn; beards princeton orange, base and end white; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance  

Not Available   Champagne Waltz  1994  Schreiner  S. apricot yellow; F. ruffled creamy white, 1/4" apricot yellow edge; beards tangerine  

 Not Available  Cherry Lane  1993  G. Corlew  Warm pink, slightly deeper at haft; prominent pinkish red beard

Not Available  Chief John Jolly 2003 T. Parkhill S. buff tan veined pale violet; style arms yellow, shaded violet, center darker; F. white, violet border, violet rays extending from beard; beards burnt gold, hairs tipped violet at end; slight spicy fragrance.

$5.00  China Moon  1999  Schreiner  Lightly ruffled yellow ochre, F. with yellow area below tangerine beard  

Not Available  Christmas  1991  J. Gatty  White, F. with faint greenish cast; beards white, lemon in throat  

Not Available  Chutney  1991  J. Ghio  S. deep red brown; F. gold, lined and speckled red brown alI over; gold beard

$4.00 Circus Stripes 1976 G. Plough S. white, edges veined campanula violet, heavier at tip; F. white, overall veining of campanula violet; white to yellow beard.

$4.00   City Lights  1991  M. Dunn S. deep violet blue, lighter midrib; F. deep violet blue, large white area surrounding pale yellow beard.

$4.00   Cloud Kingdom  1993  C. Tompkins  Fluted and heavily ruffled white; beards lemon and white

Not Available  Cloudscape 2008 P. Black S. medium-dark violet blue base becoming paler to wide blue-white at top third, darker veins over center; style arms blue white; F. white, very pale blue margin; beards medium yellow-gold in throat, slate tipped gold in middle, blue at end, slight white horn; heavily ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Color Burst 1980 B. Hammer S. copper-bronze; F. imperial purple, banded copper-bronze; yellow-orange beard.

Not Available   Color Glory  1999  P. Black  S. deep rose purple; style arms same, toned amber; F. medium rose purple deeper toward edge; beards burnt orange, wide; ruffled; slight musky fragrance

Not Available   Come What May  1995  R. Ernst  S. light creamy apricot, buttery cast; style arms apricot peach; F. bright berry-plum wash on paler background, pale berry-plum rim; beards orange tangerine; light lace  

$4.00   Competitive Edge  1992  R. Ernst  S. reddish brown; F. bluish lavender, caramel shoulders, 1/4" reddish brown edge, paler area around yellow beards; ruffled, laced

Not Available  Continuity  1994  S. Innerst  Light blue; beards blue black; slight fragrance

$4.00   Copatonic  1995  B. Blyth  S. russet brown; F. plush ruby brown, 1/4" russet brown edge; beards bright mustard yellow; heavily ruffled

Not Available  Cordoba  1998  J. Ghio  Mango orange, F. with reddish cast; beards red

Not Available  Corona Star 2002 G. Grosvenor S. blue; F. purple, white zonal pattern around beard; beards yellow, tipped white.

Not Available   Costumed Clown  1995  H. Nichols  Ruffled peach ground dusted raspberry; tangerine beard

Not Available   Country Dawn  2003  T. Johnson  S. white, central area with fine gold veining; style arms white, yellow midrib and crest tips; F. white with yellow haft, foliage deep purple-based fine yellow veining from beard to edge, narrow yellow rim inside clear crystalline rim; beards yellow, white base; pronounced sweet fragrance

$6.00  County of Kent  2005  L. Baumunk S. white, blended and finely speckled deep lavender, darker at edges; style arms blended pale yellow and pale lavender; F. white, rimmed with lavender plicata marks, dense speckling around beards becoming brownish at hafts; beards prominent tangerine-orange.

Not Available  Cover Page 2002 J. Ghio S. cherry crimson; style arms mahogany gold; F. mahogany gold deepening to blackish edge, violet flush; beards gold.

$6.00  Cowboy Serenade   2006   H. Nichols Ruffled heliotrope; beards gold and heliotrope

$6.00   Cranberry Sauce  2003  P. Black  S. claret wine, fine black veining; style arms claret wine; F. claret to red claret texture-veined black, brownish red haft with soft white veins, violet flash extending downward from bright yellow beard; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

$4.00   Crimson Twist  1997  R. Ernst  S. blended crimson red, gold midrib infusion widening at base; F. blended currant red to chrysanthemum crimson plicata markings, white ground around beard, yellow ground on shoulders; beards yellow; bloomstalks purple

Not Available  Crocodile Rock 2006 H. Nichols S. and F. peach ground, violet plicata markings; style arms creamy yellow; beards tangerine violet cream, flounces, sometimes horns.

$4.00 Crowned Heads 1997 K. Keppel S. wistaria violet, slightly deeper base; style arms light blue; F. light blue shaded deeper in heart, aging silvery blue white; beards blue, goldenrod in throat; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available   Crystal Pattern  1997  R. Ernst  S. white ground, blue violet plicata markings and midrib stripe; style arms blue violet; F. white ground, edged blue violet, thin blue violet centerline; beards white, yellow in throat; lightly ruffled, laced; slight spicy-sweet fragrance

$5.00   Dallas Skyline   2002   L. Fan S. cream white, light orchid edging; style arms deep orchid; F. white, fine orchid edging; beards yellow, white at end; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available   Dark Passion  1998  Schreiner  Ebony black self; beards black; lightly ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

$6.00 RE  Daughter of Stars  2001  D. Spoon S. purple, near-white edge; style arms purple, lighter lip and center; F. deep purple in center grading lighter, lighter veins, thin white edge, white area and ray pattern around beard; beards white, hairs tipped yellow in throat; ruffled, flared; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Dawning  1995  J. Ghio  S. lemon, blended pink; F. lemon, blending to pink shoulders; beards tangerine

Not Available   Dear Jean  1997  F. Kerr  S. bright yellow; F. white, extensive golden yellow hafts, wide diffuse red edge; beards dark yellow; ruffled

Not Available  Deep Dark Secret  1999  P. Black  S. dark blue purple, waxy sheen, blending to medium violet blue edge; style arms medium violet blue; F. dark blue purple, pale violet white diffused band, darker plum brown hafts; beards gold; heavily ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

$5.00   Deep Dive  2002  A. & D. Cadd S. marine blue, midrib deeper, small silver border; style arms same, touched lavender; F. deep reddish marine blue purple, center darker and velvety, lighter blue around beard; beards deep violet purple, hairs tipped bronze; lightly ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Delta Blues  1994  Schreiner  Heavily ruffled light blue; beards yellow, tipped white

Not Available  SA Detroit City  2001  E. Roberts  S. and style arms white; F. white, cool blue rim; beards white, fuzzy white horn; ruffled

Not Available  Devil's Kiss 2010 J. Bruce S. dark purple-violet; F. very deep purple-black, velvety; beards violet base, hairs tipped burnt red-orange; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Devil's Lake  2000  Schreiner  Dark navy blue self; beards blue, yellow in throat

Not Available  Devonshire Cream 2000 G. Sutton Heavily ruffled cream white, F. with dark lemon hafts; beards yellow, cream at end and cream base; heavily ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.

$4.00  Diabolique  1997  Schreiner  Heavily ruffled claret purple self; beards blue purple; slight fragrance

Not Available  Different World 1991 R. Ernst S. amber brown with lavender infusion; F. pale lavender blue, brown edge, golden brown shoulders; beards yellow; ruffled, lightly laced; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  SA Don't Touch  2003  P. Black  S. medium dark purple; style arms dark purple; F. purple blending to darker edge, haft plum purple, paler purple veins beside beard; beards dark blue at end to grey gold, old gold in throat, with 1" purple horn; slight musky fragrance

$7.00  SA Doodads  2004  P. Black  S. pearl, violet midrib flush, narrow yellow gold ban widening at base; style arms medium gold; F. violet blue, gold rim and haft; beards yellow gold, violet flounce edged tan; ruffled; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  Dorothy Devenport 2003 H. Nichols S. deep peach; F. lighter peach; beards creamy peach; ruffled

Not Available RE  Double Vision  1999  J. Ghio S. gold ground, near-solid red wash; F. gold ground, overall red lining; beards brick

$6.00 RE  Doubleday  2002  G. Sutton  S. and style arms canary yellow; F. jasmine yellow, 1/4" naples yellow edge, white blaze veined and dotted yellow; beards chinese yellow, faint yellow white base; ruffled, serrate; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00   Dracula's Shadow  1989  J. Hedgecock Lightly ruffled near black; blue black beard

Not Available  Drama Queen 2003 K. Keppel S. near-solid dark blackish cyclamen purple, very faint golden buff ground toward base; style arms blended rose brown and slate purple; F. cyclamen, golden capucine buff ground showing as blaze and distinct veining; beards rusty orange, purple mid-layer, white base; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Dramatic Style 2005 P. Black S. icy blue-white, crystalline rim; style arms icy blue-white, medium violet ridge and lines in crest, brass gold rim at tips; F. rich, velvety dark blue-purple, darker in center from beard to edge and haft; red-brown upper haft, light violet rim; beards purple tipped dark orange; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

Not Available  Dream Lord 1997 B. Blyth S. orchid to icy oyster; F. red burgundy, plush finish; beards bright mustard; slight fragrance.

$5.00 Dream Scene  1999  D. Meek  Ruffled and laced deep fluorescent violet, hafts darker; beards fluorescent violet, hairs tipped cinnamon in throat

$4.00   Dreamsicle  1995  Schreiner  Pink self; beards rose pink

$6.00 Dressed To Kill 2006 P. Black S. brassy gold center and diffuse margin, medium slate-violet area shot with brassy old-gold veins between; style arms butter edges, violet ridge, slate crest, brassy gold edge; F. dark red-purple blending to wide paler greyed red-violet band, red violet center stripe from beard to edge, iridescent; beards marigold in throat, dull marigold in middle, violet at end; slight musky fragrance.

$15.00 Duce 2010 T. Burseen S. violet; style arms same washed dark brown; F. dark plum purple, slightly lighter edges; beards carrot orange, fat, fuzzy; ruffled, flared; slight spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Dunsmuir 1992 B Brown Dark red purple; beards near-white

$5.00 SA  Durham Dream 2000 L. Zurbrigg S. violet, blended yellow and red; style arms violet, heavily blended yellow; F. blended violet, hafts and heart prominently flushed bright yellow; beards yellow, 3/4" blended violet horn.

Not Available   Dynamite  1997  Schreiner Cardinal red self; beards yellow

$6.00 SA   Eagle Control  1999  G. Sutton S. and style arms lobelia blue; F. pale lobelia blue to near-white, blending deeper at centerline; beards pale lobelia blue, some yellow deep in throat, pale lobelia blue horn; ruffled, lightly laced.

Not Available  Early Girl 2006 Schreiner Medium yellow self, F. white spot below beard; beards golden yellow.

$4.00   Edith Wolford  1985  B. Hager S. clear canary yellow; F. mid-blue violet; blue beard tipped orange; ruffled

Not Available  El Greco 2010 L. Baumunk S. and style arms bright gold, slight violet wash; F. bright gold heavily overlaid red violet, gold edge, gold around beard; beards gold, light gold at end; ruffled, luminata pattern.

Not Available   Electric Shock  1996  V. Messick  S. white, washed dark blue; F. white, washed blue; beards dark blue; ruffled; sweet fragrance

Not Available  Electrique  1993  B. Blyth  S. pale icy blue; F. slate rose, flaring; beards deep tangerine bronze; spicy fragrance

Not Available  Elizabethan Age 2005 L. Baumunk S. apricot, washed with translucent purple infusion except at edges; style arms apricot with slight purple highlighting; F. white with apricot rim and hafts, heavily overlaid dark purple in luminata pattern, apricot and white veining showing through white area around beards; beards tangerine, more intense in throat.

Not Available  Emperor's Concerto 1995 V. Wood Deep violet; beards light violet, tipped white; heavily ruffled

Not Available   En Garde  1995  W. Maryott Heavily ruffled velvety purple black; self beards

$5.00 Enchanted Mesa 1999 T. Magee S. and style arms sky blue; F. ivory, purple plicata edge; beards blue, gold in throat.

$4.00  Epicenter  1994  J. Ghio  S. solid black cherry; F. orange salmon ground, dotted black cherry edge; beards sienna

Not Available Evening Drama 2004 P. Black S. icy blue white, light purple basal flush; style arms icy blue white; F. velvety dark purple black, slightly lighter toward edge; beards brown, dark purple base; ruffled, lightly laced; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available   Every Which Way  1996  T. Burseen  S. orange red; style arms orange red; F. orange red, washed red brown, white spray pattern by white-tipped yellow beard; ruffled

$5.00 Fade To Black 2002 Schreiner Ruffled dark black self; beards dark black

$4.00   Faded Love  1995  J. Meek  S. soft pink; F. lavender, white area near beard; beards melon, lavender at end; ruffled and picoteed; slight sweet fragrance

$6.00 RE  Fall Rerun  2002  B. Hager  Lightly ruffled medium blue violet, F. with lighter blending around beard; beards yellow, end blended white

Not Available  Falling In Love  1990  B. Hager  Medium pink, lighter in center of F.; flame red beard

 Not Available   Fashion Designer  1995  K. Keppel  S. blended warm white, light yellow and pale peach; style arms white, edged corn yellow; F. corn yellow hafts and blended edge, lightly flushed apricot on hafts and along veins in creamy center; beards white at end, dandelion middle, princeton orange in throat; ruffled, laced

Not Available  Fashion Queen 2004 Schreiner S. and style arms apricot; F. violet purple; beards tangerine.

Not Available  Fashion Statement  1997  J. Gatty  S. and style arms lightly greyed rosy lilac; F. slightly paler and pinker, pallid lilac in center, hafts shaded sunset; beards flamingo; ruffled

Not Available   Fashionably Late  1998  K. Keppel  S. blended rose violet; style arms greyed heather; F. blended rose violet, old rose haft suffusion; beards antique red, scarlet vermilion deep in throat; ruffled, faintly laced; slight sweet fragrance

$5.00 RE  Feed Back  1983  B. Hager Mid-violet; yellow beard; pronounced sweet fragrance

$4.00   Festive Mood  1993  Schreiner  S. buff pink; F. magenta; beards tangerine

$4.00   Filibuster  1993  J. Ghio  S. nearly solid pink wine; F. white ground with pink wine lines and dotting overall, white hairline edge, white sunburst signal around tangerine beard

Not Available  Fine Porcelain 2005 P. Black S. ivory, narrow crystalline rim; style arms ivory, light peach crests; F. white center blending to light peach toward edges, light peach hafts, fine greenish gold texture veins; beards bright tangerine; heavily ruffled, waxen finish; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Fitobetied 2010 T. Burseen S. intense cornflower blue, darker midribs; style arms same as S., base of style crests overlaid orange; F. deep midnight blue, slightly lighter edges; beards midnight blue base, hairs tipped gold, large; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance.

$10.00 Flash Of Light 2008 T. Johnson S. white, hint of blue surround; style arms white, crests tipped gold; F. dark blue, large white blaze around bright gold-yellow beard; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Fogbound  1998  K. Keppel  S. blue white shading to soft wistaria blue in center and base; style arms blue white, lavender lip; F. white, inconspicuous pastel pink shading on inner haft; beards pinkish orange, white at end; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

$8.00 Follow That Dream 2007 F Kerr Peach pink self, F. lighter in center; beards tangerine; heavily ruffled and laced.

Not Available  For Lovers Only 2008 P. Black S. medium pink; style arms medium peach-pink; F. palest pink-white blending to wide medium-light pink margins rimmed cream, diamond dusted, medium pink hafts, greenish pink texture veins; beards white tipped coral pink, white at end; ruffled, lightly laced; slight musky fragrance.

$6.00 Foreigner 2006 T. Johnson S. dusky beetroot, darker red dotting at base; style arms yellow orange sides, light beetroot crests and center line; F. darker beetroot, lighter wire edge; beards rust; slight fragrance.

$6.00   Friendly Fire  2003  K. Keppel S. blue white shading to columbine blue base; style arms pale blue, lavender lip; F. white, blue cast when fresh; beards solid mandarin red; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Frontier Lady  2002  C. Chapman  S. and style arms white; F. white, heavily veined and washed greenish yellow, short coral haft lines and center stripe; beards tangerine red

$5.00 RE Frost Echo  1996  J. T. Aitken  S. and style arms white; F. very pale lavender with zonal spot, fading to white; beards white; slight spicy fragrance

Not Available   Frosting  1993  J. Gatty  S. very pastel lilac pink shaded pale lilac; F. shaded pale cool pink on shoulders and sides, remainder white; beards soft pinkish orange, white at end; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Fundamental  2003  T. Johnson  S. ice white, crystalline edge; style arms ice white, violet midrib; F. light violet, darker texture veining, crystalline grey rim; beards gold, white base; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance

$4.00   Future Watch  1992  V. Messick  S. light blue; F. white; beards pale blue; heavily ruffled; slight fragrance

Not Available   Galactic Storm  2006  H. Nichols S. white; F. grape with 1/4" white rim; tangerine beard; lightly ruffled

$5.00   Garden Bride  1999  C. Chapman  Heavily ruffled white self; beards white, yellow in throat; slight fragrance

Not Available  Ghost Train  2000  Schreiner  Dark purple black self; beards dark purple black

Not Available SA  Glacier Point  1998  R. Tasco Lightly ruffled very pale blue self, aging white; beards pale violet at end, white center section, tangerine in throat, with violet horn

$4.00   Glen Ellen  1939  Connell-Williams  Luminous golden tan, falls slightly flushed brown and plum

Not Available  SA  Glitter Gulch 2009 T. Burseen S., style arms and F. glowing bright cadmium-orange; beards tangerine orange, large cadmium-orange uplifting spoons; ruffled.

Not Available  Go For Bold 2001 P. Black S. light yellow, narrow blended tan edge; style arms light yellow; F. white, wide dark purple band streaking and blending into white; beards bright lemon yellow; lightly ruffled; slight spicy fragrance

$4.00   Good Looking  1995  Schreiner  Dusky lavender self; beards dusky lavender

Not Available   Good Vibrations  1997  Schreiner S. and style arms tangerine orange; F. white, 1/2" tangerine orange marginal band; beards tangerine, white at end; ruffled; slight fragrance

Not Available  Grapetizer 2009 T. Johnson S. dark black-purple, slight white ground visible in center; style arms near black; F. pristine white, 1 inch purple-black plicata bands and dotting, sparse peppering over centers, thin dart at end of dark-purple-black beards; purple based foliage; musky fragrance.

Not Available  Grateful Citizen  1994  S. Innerst  Light pink; beards whitish pink tipped bluish; slight fragrance

Not Available   Great Swan River  1996  F. Kerr  Ruffled white self; beards white at end, changing to yellow, deep gold in throat; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Guatemala 2005 T. Johnson S. blue white, deep red-purple spot at base, slight brassy-gold infusions; style arms blue white, buff edge and crest; F. brown ecru, slightly darker veins, russet hafts; beards russet, rusty brown at end, tangerine in throat; ruffled; sweet fragrance.

$5.00  Habit  1999  P. Black  S. palest violet white, darker violet lines around edge; style arms palest violet white, darker violet lines at top; F. dark purple black; beards old gold; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Halfway To Heaven  1996  O. D. Niswonger  Blue pink self; beards tangerine, tipped blue

Not Available  Have A Goodun 2006 T. Burseen S. light almond shell, lighter than; style arms same washed amber; F. mexican tan, amber hafts, lighter tan edges; beards dark bronze tipped purple; ruffled; spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Heart Of Glass 2007 T. Johnson S. and style arms medium blue-pink; F. white, light blue-pink edges; beards orange pink tipped white; ruffled, laced, purple based foliage; sweet fragrance.

Not Available   Helen Cochran  1997  J. McWhirter  Ruffled white self; beards white, slight yellow in throat; pronounced spicy fragrance 

$4.00   Hello Darkness  1992  Schreiner  Ruffled purple black self; beards black

$6.00 High Priestess 2005 L. Baumunk S. white; style arms orchid and yellow, crests orchid; F. white ground, dotted at hafts and washed bright orchid pink; beards white, light yellow end.

Not Available  SA  High Spirited 2003 L. Miller Peach pink, F. with deeper hafts; beards tangerine, base white, with large fuzzy violet horn; slight musky fragrance

$4.00 Holy Night 1983 K. Mohr Ruffled and velvety deep violet purple; deep purple beard.

$5.00 Home Style 1998 F. Kerr S. white ground, wide medium blue violet edge and center stripe; style arms medium blue violet; F. white, 1/4" to 1/2" dark blue violet plicata edge, dark blue violet veins beside beard; beards yellow, blue violet at end; ruffled.

$6.00 SA  Honk Your Horn  2001  P. Black  S. silvery medium violet blue with darker base, paling with age to leave darker rim; style arms dark violet blue edged pearl; F. silvery white shaded violet blue darkest at beard, paling near edge but with darker rim; beards dull gold to gold, violet blue at end, fuzzy dark blue horn; ruffled, lightly laced; slight spicy fragrance

$4.00 Honky Tonk Blues 1988 Schreiner Ruffled hyacinth blue, white grey streaking and edge on F.; hyacinth blue

Not Available SA Hook  2001  T. Johnson  S. dark plum, center paler; style arms medium gold, violet to rose midrib and crests; F. claret purple, red plum edge, hafts red brown; beards gold to orange gold in throat, white at end with short claret and white hook; ruffled; slight musky fragrance

$4.00   Hot Night  1994  C. Tompkins  Glowing black red; beards rich black red

Not Available  If Not For You  2010 L. Baumunk S., style arms and F. clear pale peach-pink, F. white around beard; beards tangerine in throat, blended in middle, white at end; ruffled, glaciata pattern.

Not Available  RE  I'm Back 2007 T. Johnson S. and style arms medium red-purple, style crests feathered darker; F. plush purple-black; beards old gold; sweet fragrance.

$5.00 RE   Immortality  1983  L. Zurbrigg  Ruffled pure white; white beard; slight sweet fragrance  

$8.00 In Focus 2007 M. Sutton S. yellow; style arms yellow veined maroon; F. ruby red, lighter edge, yellow blaze around orange beard; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  In The Mood  1994  Schreiner  Ruffled flamingo pink, white center around tangerine beards

Not Available  Indian Chief  1929  Ayres  Strong reddish overtones on yellow standards; deep red falls

Not Available  Inspired 2009 P. Black S. medium dusky-pink, crystalline apricot gilt rim; style arms medium peach; F. apricot tan, darker amber texture veins, darker apricot-tan gilt rim; beards bright, fully saturated red-orange; small flowered; pronounced spicy fragrance.

$6.00  Intimidator  2003  P. Black S. and style arms pale blue; F. medium violet, light violet blue crystalline rim; beards light violet blue at end, gold, to old gold in throat; slight musky fragrance.

$6.00  Introspection  2003  L. Baumunk S. white ground, orchid wash overall, dotting at base of S. and on F. hafts; style arms orchid and yellow, crests orchid; beards white, hairs tipped light yellow; ruffled.

Not Available   Island Sunset  1992  Schreiner  S. apricot pink; F. apricot yellow; beards tangerine; ruffled

Not Available  Jacob 2008 F. Kerr Blue violet self; beards fire engine red.

$8.00 Jane Troutman 2007 F. Kerr S. amber orange, inside white edged amber orange; style arms amber orange; F. ivory white narrowly edged amber orange; beards tangerine, yellow at end.

Not Available  Jurassic Park  1996  L. Lauer  S. and style arms canary yellow; F. blended lavender blue purple, yellow veining and edging; beards yellow, tipped blue purple; slight sweet fragrance 

$12.00 Just A Kiss Away 2009 L. Baumunk S. light yellow, pink blush in center when fresh; style arms medium yellow, lighter at midrib, laced at tip; F. light yellow blending to medium yellow at edges and hafts; beards diffuse orange, light yellow at end; laced.

Not Available   Kachina Spirit  2004  L. Baumunk  S. cream; style arms cream; F. cream, deeper tone extending from hafts along edges, lavender blaze upon opening, hafts copper orange; beards tangerine

$4.00  Kah-Nee-Ta  1989  R. Ernst S. indian red brown; F. harvest gold blending to brown rim; orange gold beard; ruffled.

Not Available   Kathleen Kay Nelson  1993  B. Hager  Deeply fluted dark violet blue; beards light yellow

$6.00 Kathy Chilton 2006 F. Kerr S. golden yellow; style arms same, faint brownish veins; F. plush red-black, faint whitish lines beside beard; beards antique gold; slight spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Keeping Up Appearances 2001 P. Black S. rose purple base and midrib blending to mauvish pink, with slight gilt edge; style arms salmon pink, edged gold; F. mauve pearl center blending to rosy mauve to buffy gold edge, hafts rosy mauve, purplish veins in throat; beards orange, base white; slight musky fragrance

Not Available Kendry Mae 2010 T. Burseen S. pearled white washed amber at base; style arms pearled amber, yellow feathered tips; F. pearled pale lavender-blue, amber hafts; beards tangerine, light blue at end (half and half), huge, fuzzy; ruffled.

Not Available  SA  Kid Power  2008  T. Burseen S. pearl; style arms darker pearl; F. pearl, light purple-amber hafts; beards orange, feathered purple horns frosted light blue; ruffled, serrated.

Not Available  King Of Light  2007  L. Baumunk Deep golden-yellow self, brown haft marks on F., beards gold orange.

Not Available   King Tush  1998  B. Kasperek  S. azalea pink, splashed indian lake and spinel red; style arms azalea pink; F. azalea pink with pinkish white stripes, infrequent splashes of indian lake and spinel red; beards bright medium orange; ruffled; slight fragrance

$6.00  Kisses Like Wine 2006 F. Kerr S. white; style arms white edged yellow; F. plush dark red, white blaze with alternating stripes and lines of dots; beards tangerine tipped dark red; lightly laced; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Kiwi Cheesecake  1998  O. D. Niswonger  S. white; style arms and F. greenish yellow; beards tangerine

Not Available  Knock `Em Dead  1994  R. Ernst  S. butter yellow, edged creamy white; F. lavender blue with slight brownish cast on golden yellow cream edge, buff reverse; beards yellow; heavily ruffled

$4.00   Lady Fire  1993  J. Gibson  S. brick red; F. white ground with brick red markings and 1/8" wide stripe extending from orange beard

$4.00   Lady Juliet  1994  H. Nichols  S. yellow tan; F. blended mother-of-pearl pink violet, beige gold hafts; yellow gold beard; ruffled

Not Available  Lanai  1998  J. Ghio  S. lemon, strong pink midrib infusion; F. lemon, pink outpouring from heart; beards yellow

Not Available   Lark Ascending  1996  B. Hager  White self; beards bright tangerine

Not AvailableLarry Gaulter 1988 B. Brown Ruffled dark red purple; self beard tipped silvery white, touch of yellow deep in throat.

Not Available  Last Laugh  2001  G. Shoop S. blue white; style arms white, crests shaded pale blue; F. wood violet, narrow lavender blue washed edge, 1-3/4" circular white blaze with inconspicuous greenish tan texture veining; beards mikado orange, slight white base; ruffled

Not Available  Lavalier  1995  O. Brown  Lightly ruffled mauve self; beards light tangerine, base mauve

$5.00   Leta Black  2001  P. Black  S. medium rose pink; style arms salmon pink, pink midrib; F. white center blushed pink with pink texture veining blending to medium rose pink edge, hafts rose pink; beards violet white on end, coral, to dark coral in throat; ruffled, lightly laced; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  SA  Lip Smackin Good 2010 T. Burseen S. peachy cream blend, maize orange glow around edges and at base; style arms golden peach; F. cream peach, heavy red-purple veins, peach rim; beards tangerine orange, hairy peach horns; ruffled, flared; pronounced musky fragrance.

$5.00  SA  Lookout Point  1997  P. Black  S. buff pink, slight violet midrib infusion; style arms buff pink; F. violet, hafts darker, whitish area around beard; beards coral, with 1" fuzzy violet horn; slight spicy fragrance

$4.00 Lover's Lane 1993 B. Blyth S. pure white; F. heavily ruffled champagne to pastel apricot; beards apricot tangerine.

Not Available  Loving  1994  J. Meek  S. peach pink; F. peach, large ivory area around tangerine beard; heavily ruffled  

Not Available  Luminosity 1991 M. Byers Opening medium canary yellow and immediately lightening to luminous yellow cream with brighter yellow heart; beards bright yellow; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

Not Available   Madison County  1998  J. McWhirter  S. violet, blending to blue violet at edge; F. deep reddish violet; beards violet; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00   Magellan  1995  R. Nelson S. icy blue violet; F. deep violet blue, aging lighter, with small spray pattern around gold orange beard; pronounced musky fragrance  

Not AvailableMagic Raiment 1993 F. Kerr Ruffled and fluted medium yellow, white area around medium yellow beards.

Not Available   Make Believe Magic  1995  C. Tompkins S. white, blended wine rose edge; F. white, edged wine, rose and violet; beards red

$5.00   Mariposa Autumn  2000  R. Tasco S. rosy violet, white showing in center; style arms rosy violet, edges lemon yellow; F. white ground, rosy violet band; beards white base, hairs tipped violet at end, tipped gold in throat; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Marthella  1995  H. Nichols  S. blended peach with raspberry infusion at midrib; F. magenta red wine, edged S. color; orange beard; ruffled

$5.00   Martile Rowland  2000  H. Bushnell  Ruffled and laced lemon yellow, F. fading to white around uniform fire engine red orange beard; slight spicy fragrance  

$4.00  Master Touch  1980  Schreiner Ruffled tyrian purple; blue-purple beard.

$10.00 May Debut 2008 P. Black S. medium yellow, greenish yellow texture veins, glittery crystalline yellow rim; style arms medium yellow, darker than S.; F. white, heavily incised with fine green-yellow texture veins, medium yellow haft veined olive green, narrow diffuse medium yellow band; beards orange in throat, lighter orange in middle, orange yellow at end; ruffled, small flowered; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Not Available  SA  McSeedman Sees Red 2010 T. Burseen S. light beetroot purple washed amber gold; style arms apricot buff washed red purple; F. dark oxblood-red, lighter edges; beards marigold orange, tattered oxblood spoons; very flared, ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available Melted Butter 1994 C. Fan S. white infused butter yellow on midrib; F. white, butter yellow spray extending halfway down, yellow pleated edge; beards bright orange yellow, 1/2" melted butter tip; slight sweet fragrance.

$8.00 Merchant Marine 2007 K. Keppel S. medium blue; style arms lighter blue; F. slightly deeper medium blue; beards light blue, sunflower in throat; ruffled.

Not AvailableMercury Rising 2007 K. Keppel S. and style arms sunflower; F. dahlia purple to port wine, lightly velvet textured, narrow ¹⁄₁₆˝ lighter edge, 1½˝ sunburst, darker and brighter than sunflower, faintly veined purple to tan; beards solid cadmium yellow.

Not Available  SA  Meteor Margaret 2003 T. Burseen Ruffled and laced light orange pink, edges golden amber; style arms golden yellow; beards orange, very large, with wide fuzzy orange horn; spicy fragrance.

$4.00  RE  Midnight Caller 1990 M. Byers S. silky deep purple; F. velvety blackish purple edged lighter; deep violet beard; lightly ruffled.

Not Available  Midnight Madonna  1996  R. Dunn  Heavily ruffled very dark purple black, F. with velvety texture; beards dark 

$5.00   Midnight Oil  1998  K. Keppel  Black self, darker than eggplant, F. with slight velvet finish; style arms darker than port; beards grape; slight sweet fragrance  

Not Available  Midnight Passion 2008 K. Keppel S. silky smoked red purple; style arms mello mauve to crushed violets; F. velvety shiny red-black; beards tomato red.

$4.00 Miss Indiana 1961 P. Cook S white, tinged violet; F Dauphin's violet.

Not Available  Miz Mary  1996  V. Messick S. blended tan and peach pink; F. tan, washed pink, gold at hafts; beards gold

Not Available   Modern Times  1992  J. Gatty S. bluish white deepening in center and base to pale lilac; F. cool white; beards white, tipped lemon in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Modern Woman  2005  T. Johnson S. medium blue-orchid, darker blue center, lighter edge; style arms blue pink; F. medium orchid-pink, paler centers that lighten with age; beards tangerine white at end; ruffled; sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Moonglow  2010  L. Baumunk S. pale glowing cream; style arms pale yellow-cream, lavender highlights; F. bright red-violet, paler near hafts, luminata-plicata veining and dotting ¼˝ around white beards, brown and cream haft marks, reverse cream becoming lavender veined luminata-plicata.

$5.00 RE  Mother Earth  1988  B. Hager S. oyster cream, tinted lavender near edge and beige through center; F. lavender, paler around beard, beige on hafts; pale blue white beard

$5.00   Mother Marshmallow  1998  J. McWhirter Ruffled white self; beards white, tipped yellow in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available   Mother's Little Helper  1995  R. Ernst  Lightly ruffled orange, S. with slight pale pink infusion on midribs, F. with darker shoulders; beards orange red; slight sweet fragrance 

$6.00 Mount Vesuvius 2004 J. Ghio Rosy purple, metallic sheen; beards antique gold

$4.00   My Girl  1991  Schreiner Ruffled pink, F. with white center; beards tangerine, tipped white

Not Available  Mysterious Way  2004  K. Keppel S. absinthe yellow to walnut at base, blended greyed violet; style arms chartreuse yellow, lavender lip; F. oyster white, light yellow edge, hafts light chrome yellow; beards dandelion, cadmium yellow in throat

$4.00  Navy Blues  1994  R. Dunn Ruffled very dark navy blue violet; beards dark violet.

$4.00 Neglecta 1813 Hornemann

$4.00   New Centurion  1993  Schreiner Smooth deep carmine red; beards bronze

Not Available  Nickname  2008  F. Kerr Red violet self with white starburst veining; beards light yellow tipped red-violet.

Not Available  Nigerian Raspberry  1995  B. Kasperek Raspberry cream ground with red purple and purple splashes; beards deep orange; ruffled.

Not Available Night Vision 1994 D. Meek S. light red black; F. dark red black; beards black, tipped bronze

$4.00   No Bikini Atoll  1997  R. Ernst S. clear medium pink, blended deeper toward midrib; style arms clear medium pink; F. deep pink, smoky cast, edges blended lighter; beards orange, whitish pink at end; lightly ruffled

$6.00 Noble Stature 2006 G. Hilton Very pale silvery blue-white self, F. veined fine pale green, flared, diamond dusted; beards yellow, pale blue tipped yellow at end; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available   Nothing To Lose  1994  R. Ernst S. creamy white with lemon yellow infusion on midrib; F. light to medium violet, deeper center; beards yellow; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available   Notorious  1991  J. Ghio  S. pink; F. pink sunburst blending to wide purple edge; beards tangerine  

$15.00 Notta Lemon 2010 T. Burseen S. and style arms lemon yellow-gold; F. white, lemon yellow-gold edges, yellow texture veins; beards gold, large; very ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance.

$6.00 RE October Sky  2000  L. Lauer  S. white, hyacinth blue cast; style arms hyacinth blue; F. wistaria blue, white flash around beard; beards blue, tipped white at end and yellow in middle, solid orange in throat; pronounced spicy fragrance

$4.00 Odoratissima 1797 N. J. Jacquin Lavendar blue self with white beards

Not Available   Oh Jamaica  1995  Schreiner S. buff tan with violet midrib; F. maroon; beards orange

Not Available  Oklahoma Centennial  2007  P. Black S. and F. medium red-violet, darker blue texture veins; style arms medium red-violet; beards tangerine in throat, medium violet in middle, light violet at end; ruffled, laced; sweet fragrance.

$4.00   Old Black Magic  1996  Schreiner Lightly ruffled coal black self; beards yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance

$4.00   Ominous Stranger  1993  S. Innerst S. muted yellow, trimmed muted purple and dotted with tiny brown spots; F. muted yellow, trimmed muted purple, tiny brown dots all over; beards bronze, trimmed blue white; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Orange Avatar  2008  F. Kerr S. light orange; F. light orange over white "plicata" pattern; beards tipped tangerine.

$4.00   Orange Popsicle  1987  G. Sutton Ruffled and laced creamy orange; tangerine beard; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Oregon Skies  1992  Schreiner Ruffled light blue; beards white, tipped yellow

Not Available  Original Cast  2007  T. Johnson S. pastel buttery-tan, centers infused soft tan-pink, ruffled, lightly laced; F. smooth pale buttery-peach blending to white in center, overlaid with greenish texture veins; beards melon coral; pronounced fragrance.

$5.00   Ostentatious  1998  J. Ghio  S. black cherry; F. bright gold ground, maroon marginal band with dotting inside band, white area around sienna beard

$6.00 RE  Over and Over  2001  S. Innerst S. white; F. white, trimmed lavender; beards lavender

$5.00 Pacific Belle 1998 L. Lauer S. and style arms pale blue white; F. light lavender purple, rim light blue white; beards yellow, tipped white; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Pacific Fire  2007  T. Johnson S. orchid blue-violet, slight buff marking at base; style arms orchid blue-violet, lighter at sides; F. orchid blue-violet, slight buff veins at haft; beards saturated orange-red; sweet fragrance.

$4.00   Paint It Black  1994  Schreiner S. deep reddish purple; F. blackish purple; beards black; ruffled

$5.00  Painted From Memory  2001  B. Blyth S. pastel blue, midrib slightly darker; F. white, 3/8" stitched and dotted medium violet plicata edge, deeper at hafts; beards orange, 1/4" violet end; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Pale Fire  2009  L. Baumunk S. and style arms very pale pink, S. deeper at base; F. very light yellow blending to orange yellow at hafts; beards prominent tangerine.

Not Available  Paradise Found  1994  R. Ernst  S. honey and lavender blend; F. lavender, honey tan edge; beards yellow, tipped white

 Not Available  Peace & Harmony  1992  J. Ghio  True violet; beards white

$4.00 Peaceful Persuasion 1993 S. Innerst Light blue with darker highlights; beards blue, tipped lighter; slight fragrance.

Not Available Peacekeeping Force 1993  S. Innerst  Light orange apricot self; beards orange beige, tipped lighter; slight fragrance  

$5.00 RE  Pearls of Autumn  1993  B. Hager S. creamy pearl (smoky in cool weather); F. pearl, white deep in hafts; self beards.

$8.00 Peggy Anne 2007 G. Sutton S. and F. purple black, irregularly streaked silver; style arms purple black; beards black purple tipped old gold; ruffled; broken color pattern; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available   Perfect Doll  1991  B. Hager  White; red tangerine beard

Not Available  Persian Berry  1977  L. Gaulter  Light mulberry and lavender blend; deep tangerine beard; lightly ruffled

$5.00   Phantasy In Pink  2000  V. Messick  S. pink; F. lighter pink, deeper pink rim; beards coral; heavily laced

Not Available  Phantom Planet  2006  H. Nichols Ruffled flowers are blended creamy yellow and brown with bronze, grey, yellow beards. 

Not Available  Phantom Ship  2007  L. Baumunk S. and style arms pale blue; F. silky purple strongly blended over pale blue shading to pale blue at rim, bronze haft marks at base of beard; beards yellow, white at end; ruffled.

$5.00   Pinball Wizard  2000  L. Lauer  S. bronze yellow; style arms bronze yellow, shaded oxblood red; F. oxblood red; beards mustard yellow, darker tip; ruffled; pronounced musky fragrance

$6.00 Pink Boogie 2004 D. Nebeker S. and style arms lavender pink; F. lilac purple shoulders and extending part-way down on outer edge, lobelia blue wash from beard downward, widening to cover complete width at end; beards light orange, lavender violet at end

Not Available  Pink Charming  1993  J. Ghio Light pink with heather plicata markings on F.; beards tangerine

Not Available  Pinksation  2001  El. Kegerise Ruffled, lightly laced pink, F. lighter with slight white area in center; beards deep pink, white at end; slight sweet fragrance.

$4.00   Pirate's Quest  1992  Schreiner  Aureolin yellow, white signal; self beards

Not Available  SA  Plastic Money  2008  T. Burseen S. and style arms light sea lavender-violet; F. creamy amber, light amber hafts; beards carrot red, fat, fuzzy, feathered sea lavender-violet horns; ruffled, serrated.

Not Available  SA  Pokin Around  2010  T. Burseen S. and style arms white, fine yellow edges; F. creamy grey washed violet blue, bronze gold shoulders; big fuzzy beards purple black base, hairs tipped bronze, short fuzzy blue horns tipped gold; ruffled, laced; pronounced musky fragrance.

$5.00 RE  Polar King  1969  Donahue White self; beards yellow

$7.00 SA   Power Point  2005  T. Johnson S. soft lavender-lilac flushed pink, deeper at base; style arms buff pink; F. light lavender-lilac flushed soft pink, deep at edge showing an almost pink rim; beards tangerine, long medium violet upright horns; lightly laced, heavily ruffled; slight fragrance.

Not Available   Power Surge  1991  J. Ghio  S. salmon ground overlaid magenta; F. salmon apricot, lined and edged magenta

Not Available  Prairie Bison 2000 A. & D. Cadd S. light chocolate brown; style arms lighter and yellower; F. deep velvety red brown, 1/4" border and centerline light chocolate brown, yellowish shoulders marked white; beards dark yellow; pronounced musky fragrance.

$5.00   Presby's Crown Jewel  2002  H. N. Tragitt White ground, dark blue violet plicata edge; style arms dark blue violet; beards white, hairs tipped yellow

$4.00   Pretty Is  1995  R. Mullin Sunny yellow, F. with white area around yellow gold beard extending to near petal edge

$5.00 RE  Queen Dorothy  1984  E. Hall S. white with 1/2" mid-violet edge; F. white with 3/8" mid-violet edge; yellow beard tipped white; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00 Queen In Calico 1980 J. Gibson Ruffled and laced light orange ground plicata, marked violet; orange beard.

$4.00 Rafa 1997 D. Spoon Ruffled lavender blue, deeper area in center of all petals, short white rays around beards; beards white, hairs tipped yellow.

Not Available   Rainbow Goddess  1994  R. Ernst S. medium purple violet; F. creamy white with pale violet wash, blended light yellow orange edge, darker on shoulders; beards tangerine; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.

Not Available   Ramblin' Rose 1994 Schreiner Lightly crinkle-laced raspberry rose; beards tangerine

Not Available  Ransom Note  2001  J. Ghio S. mahogany; F. deep mahogany, shoulders with blackish red thumbprints, blaze neon violet; beards yellow; laced

$4.00  Rapture In Blue  1990  Schreiner Heavily ruffled light blue; beards white

Not Available  Rare Occasion 1993 J. Gatty S. peach; F. slightly paler, hafts suffused capucine buff; beards grenadine red to carnelian red, ibis pink at end; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Rave On  1991  Schreiner Ruffled orange, creamy white signal; beards tangerine

$4.00   Raven's Quote  1995  R. Ernst Ruffled dark violet blue, slightly lighter around beard; beards violet blue, tipped light blue; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Ray Dale Kerr  2008  F. Kerr S. yellow; F. yellow with reddish brown border; beards yellow.

$4.00  Razzleberry  1996  R. Nelson Deep rosy pink orchid self; beards deep shrimp rose; pronounced sweet fragrance

$4.00   Red At Night 1994 R. Ernst S. dark red, base slightly lighter; F. velvety dark red; beards yellow, tipped red; ruffled

Not Available  Red Hawk  1995  Schreiner Heavily ruffled deep red, base of S. midrib yellow; beards red, yellow in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Red Lion  1986  B. Hager S. lightly ruffled deep red with a touch of crimson; F. dark ruby, tracery of pattern under yellow tipped-bronze beard.

$6.00 RE  Renewal  2002  G. Sutton S. white washed greenish yellow, veined pale violet; style arms greenish yellow, red violet lip; F. white, 3/8" violet striped edge, 1" violet veining around beard; beards violet, hairs tipped bronze; ruffled; slight fragrance

$4.00   Rite Of Spring  1996  B. Hager S. blended violet; F. violet center blot fading toward edge; beards violet

$4.00   Riverboat Blues  1991  Schreiner Ruffled medium blue; beards white

 $4.00  Rodeo Star  1995  H. Nichols  S. gold with cinnamon wash overall; F. yellow, edged brown, brown hafts, white area below tawny gold beard

$4.00 Role Model 1988 D. Denney S. melon rosy tan with peach influence; F. same but darker with lighter area below tangerine beard; ruffled; slight fragrance.

Not Available  Royal Estate  2003  T. Johnson S. white, medium blue plicata band; style arms medium blue; F. white, blue band, with inner dotting and dotted centerline; beards blue white at end, cream, to yellow in throat; slight spicy fragrance.

$5.00   Sambuca 2001 L. Johnson Purple black self; beards deep purple; slight sweet fragrance

$5.00 San Juan Silver 1998 D. Miller Silvery white self; beards silvery blue white; slight musky fragrance.

Not Available  Saturday Night Live  1996  Schreiner  Burgundy wine self; beards bronze yellow; slight fragrance 

Not Available  Saturn  2005  T. Johnson  Dark beetroot S; totally smooth black-cherry F; burnt orange beard  

Not Available  Say You Will   2010  L. Baumunk S. white, grey-violet flush from base; style arms off-white, light yellow highlights; F. off-white, light yellow at hafts; beards yellow orange; heavily ruffled.

$4.00  Scarlet Butterfly  1960  L. Austin S. pale red, flushed yellow at base; F. dark scarlet, flushed white, veined scarlet.

Not Available  Sea Power  1999  K. Keppel S. cornflower to campanula blue, paling to light chicory blue toward edge; style arms cornflower to campanula blue; F. commodore blue, paling slightly toward edge, slight tan haft suffusion; beards blue white at end, light lemon in throat; heavily ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.

$4.00 Seakist 1997 Schreiner S. and style arms creamy white; F. white, with bluebird blue streaks and paler wash; beards yellow, white base; slight fragrance.

$5.00 Second Fiddle  1999  W. Maryott  S. and style arms light lavender, slight maroon midrib flush; F. deep velvety maroon, 1/8" light lavender rim; beards tangerine

Not Available   Seminole Spring  1993  R. Nelson S. light lilac lavender with blue influence aging to blue white; F. lighter lavender blue aging to pale blue white; beards lavender white, golden orange in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Serious Sighs  2007  T. Burseen S. and style arms white; F. white, violet blue splashed wash, gold yellow hafts; beards marigold orange; ruffled, fine lace on S.; pronounced sweet fragrance.

Not Available  Shades Of Silver  2005  P. Black S. white, violet gray midrib, violet gray dotting over central area, wide closely stitched plicata margins; style arms dark violet-gray, gold edges; F. white, narrow gray-plum plicata haft, narrow violet-gray plicata stitched band; beards pale yellow tipped brownish gray.

$7.00 SA  Sharper Image 2005 P. Black Icy white self; beards white tipped light yellow-gold, short light lavender horns.

$5.00 SA  Shoot The Moon  1987  M. Byers  Ruffled and lightly laced creamy yellow; yellow orange beard, 1.5" curved horns; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Single Malt  2010  L. Baumunk S. and style arms gold heavily overlaid brown, more brown at edges; F. same, brown and yellow haft marks; beards gold; ruffled.

Not Available  Skating Party  1983  L. Gaulter Fluted white; lemon beard tipped white.

$5.00 SA  Sky Hooks 1980 M. Osborne S. soft yellow pongee; F. soft yellow, flushed lighter in center; gold beard ending in violet horns; ruffled.

$4.00 Skylark's Song  1996  Schreiner  S. and style arms snow white; F. light blue; beards white, hairs tipped light yellow; ruffled; slight fragrance

$8.00  Smoked Gouda  2007  F. Kerr S. and style arms yellow tan, S. darker at base; F. yellow tan, lighter at end of smoke yellow beards.

Not Available  So Fine  1996  Schreiner  S. and style arms lavender orchid; F. royal purple with 1/4" lavender orchid rim; beards bright tangerine; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Special Forces  2010  J. Bruce S. and style arms blue violet veined darker; F. black with blue influence, some darker veining; beards white base sometimes with dark purple midsection, hairs tipped antique brass; lightly ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.

$4.00   Spirit World  1993 K. Keppel S. 1/8" to 3/8" irregular marguerite yellow edge blending to thistle, deepening in center to english violet; F. 1/8" marguerite edge, blended coronation to velvety cyclamen with paler veining, small white area by beards; beards golden poppy to mikado, paler tip; pronounced sweet fragrance

$5.00   Splashacata  1998  R. Tasco S. pallid violet; style arms same, midrib deeper; F. white ground, allover peppering of purple dots more concentrated at edge; beards white, pale violet cast at end, remainder with hairs tipped golden yellow; lightly ruffled

Not Available  Star Surge  2000  G. Sutton S. and style arms imperial purple; F. imperial purple speckled white, lower third dark plum purple with thin white to violet edge; beards bronze; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.

Not Available  SA Stolen Identity  2008  T. Burseen S. white, open; style arms white, fine yellow edges; F. amethyst violet, darker splotches, white splotches; huge fat post office red beards, short fuzzy purple horns; very flared, ruffled.

Not Available  Stud Book Stuffer  2009  T. Burseen S. and style arms light cornflower blue washed darker at midrib; F. dark cornflower blue, slightly lighter at edges, velvety; big beards light purple at end, turkey red in middle, darker turkey red in throat; ruffled.

$4.00 Study In Black 1968 G. Plough Deep red-black self with lighter area at base of midribs; clean brownish hafts; velvety finish; beard brown tipped blue-violet.

$5.00  Sugar Magnolia  1998  Schreiner S. white; style arms pink; F. bright venetian pink; beards tangerine red.

$5.00 RE  Suky  1991  C. Mahan S. white, flushed light violet around edge, violet midrib; F. medium to deep violet, very large pure white zonal area extending from hafts to nearly halfway down; white beard, yellow deep in throat; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Not Available  Sultry Miss  1986  Ev. Kegerise S. pink peach; F. lavender pink, edged deeper lavender pink; light lavender beard tipped red orange; slight musky fragrance.

$4.00 Sultry Mood 1989 Schreiner Lightly ruffled cerise purple

$5.00  Sun Fun  2002  T. Johnson S. bright medium yellow, darker fine texture veining, rim gilt; style arms yellow; F. white, fine yellow texture veining, medium yellow haft and narrow band; beards yellow; ruffled; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  Sun Power  2004  T. Johnson S. and style arms medium yellow; F. white, with medium yellow haft and wide diffuse band, remainder with light yellow wash and texture veining; beards bright yellow; heavily ruffled; slight musky fragrance

Not Available  Sunkist Delight  1996  O. D. Niswonger S. light yellow, flecked deeper; style arms light yellow, crest deeper; F. white ground, wide deep golden yellow rim, yellow flecks; beards deep yellow

$4.00  Superstition  1977  Schreiner Ebony-hued self; blue-black beard.

 $5.00 Suspicion  1999  K. Keppel  S. greyed greenish yellow, central area blended aster violet; style arms greenish yellow, lavender lip; F. light greenish yellow, slightly darker margins and shoulders, giving russet green to oil yellow effect; beards yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance

$4.00  Swertii  1612 Blue on white plicata collected in 1612

 $4.00 Swingtown  1996  Schreiner  Heavily ruffled mulberry claret self; beards blue purple; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available Tacey  1990  M. Hamblen Violet blue lightening toward center; blue beard; slight fragrance

$4.00  Tahiti Sunrise  1963  R. Ernst Orange-pink self.

Not Available  SA  Talk Show Mania  2008  T. Burseen S., style arms and F. white, style arms tinged apricot, F. apricot hafts; fat signal orange beards, fuzzy short white horns; ruffled; sweet fragrance.

Not Available Tangled Web  1999  K. Keppel S. prune to cyclamen, slight apricot beige suffusion in center; style arms greyed mauve, banana toward base; F. eggplant edge, lightening to prune, rattan central blaze partially obscured by radiating markings; beards orange and dark violet, pumpkin in throat; ruffled

Not Available Thai Orange  1996  R. Ernst  S. apricot orange, slight pink cast deepest at midrib; style arms apricot orange; F. apricot orange, pale violet shoulder cast; beards bright orange; lightly ruffled, laced; slight spicy sweet fragrance

Not Available SA  Thornbird  1989  M. Byers  S. pale ecru; F. greenish tan, deeper at hafts which are overlaid with deep violet lines radiating out from around beard and suffusing into center; violet beard tipped mustard, violet horns or spoons; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Tiger Honey  1994  B. Kasperek S. butterscotch with random golden yellow streaks; F. butterscotch and caramel stripes on golden yellow ground, off-white streaking; beards butterscotch; lightly laced, ruffled; slight fragrance.

$4.00  Time Will Tell  1999  R. Ernst S. blue plum, lighter midrib flush, dark berry rim; F. dark berry sanded plicata markings on white changing to solid dark berry on lower half; beards yellow; stalks purple.

Not Available  Time Zone  2004  J. Ghio S. medium blue, washing to white midrib; F. medium blue, large white blaze; beards cream

Not Available   Timescape  1990  B. Hager S. lavender white, lavender midrib; F. blue white, orchid lavender blot in center; white beard tipped yellow; ruffled and fluted

Not Available  Tobacco Chew  2009  T. Burseen S. and style arms pearl cream, slight tan edges; F. cream, amber hafts, yellow buff edges; fat fuzzy beards bronze purple at end, capsicum red in middle, darker capsicum red in throat; ruffled; pronounced musky fragrance.

$4.00 Tom Johnson  1997  P. Black  S. and style arms dark purple; F. velvety purple black, narrowly edged dark purple; beards red orange; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance

Not Available Too Sweet  1995  R. Ernst  Ruffled and laced pink, F. slightly lighter and with very slight paler flush at end of coral pink beard 

Not Available Touch Of Heaven  2004  A. & I. DeRose Ruffled and fluted white, F. with green cast on reverse, style arms touched yellow; beards white, heavily ruffled 2" flounce; slight fragrance

$5.00 Touch Of Mahogany  2000  B. Blyth  S. coffee brown, slight gold infusion; F. coffee brown, overlaid soft lavender around old gold beard, 1" burgundy hafts; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Tour De France  2004  K. Keppel S. white, center flushed chrome lemon; style arms white and chrome lemon; F. darker than golden glow, shaded deep chrome yellow shoulders, velvet texture; beards deep chrome yellow to cadmium yellow, cadmium orange in throat; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available SA  Trillion  1997  E. Bessette S. yellow, darker toward edge, dark violet veining, red violet midrib wash; style arms yellow, violet sides; F. blended rose brown, raspberry violet  wash from center to near edge, golden shoulder flush over white, violet streak from beard to edge; beards violet, tipped yellow, golden yellow in throat, 3/4" violet horn; ruffled; slight musky fragrance

$5.00   True Beauty  2002  C. Fan Lightly ruffled shell pink; F. with cream wash; beards soft apricot, shell pink at end; slight spicy fragrance

$6.00  True Spirit  2004  R. Tasco S. light honey tan, edge darker; style arms light lemon yellow, light violet along midrib, stigma violet; F. dark cherry wine edged lighter, intricate white netted pattern around and below beard; beards light brown and lemon yellow hair tips on white base, golden yellow in throat; ruffled; foliage base purple; slight sweet fragrance

Not Available  Trumped  2008  T. Burseen S. white, saffron yellow base; style arms light blue-white, strong feathered saffron yellow tips; F. plum purple, lighter washed edges, cream washed center, strong bronze hafts, black center line from beard to tip of petal; beards bronze, fat; ruffled.

Not Available Tuscan Villa 2002 B. Blyth S. lemon yellow; F. golden yellow; beards mustard; ruffled, laced; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available Twilight Cloud  2001  C. Chapman  S. and style arms pastel violet; F. medium violet, lighter near beard; beards violet at end, light violet midsection, yellow in throat

$4.00 Vanity 1975 B. Hager Pink self; light coral-red beard.

$6.00 Venetian Glass 2003 K. Keppel S. pinkish white, faint blue cast on outer portion; style arms palest pink; F. same, slightly creamier center; beards blue white to cream white, hairs tipped mandarin red deep in throat; ruffled, lightly laced

$4.00   Vibrations  1990  M. Dunn S. burgundy rose, lighter heart at base; F. deep burgundy red, large white area below beard and radiating lines on edge; tannish beard.

$4.00 Victoria Falls 1977 Schreiner Ruffled uniform light to medium blue with white spot on center of F.; white beard.

Not Available  Virginia Rudkin 1998 J. McWhirter S. yellow; F. amber orange, shoulders deeper; beards henna; slight sweet fragrance

$4.00  Wabash  1936  Williamson S. white; F. dark purple edged white; beards yellow

Not Available  Wake-Up Dianne  1994  K. Mohr  Ruffled yellow gold; self beards; slight fragrance

Not Available Walking On Air 2001 P. Black S. light violet blue infused blue purple from base through center; style arms light violet blue, violet midrib; F. dark violet blue center shading to light edge, hafts plum with few white veins; beards violet blue to brassy gold, gold in throat; ruffled; foliage purple-based; pronounced spicy fragrance

$4.00 War Chief  1992  Schreiner  Red self; beards yellow

$6.00 Warranty 2003 T. Johnson S. iridescent dark black purple; style arms purple, edges white, crests black; F. velvety black; beards black purple; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance

Not Available  Whispering Spirits  2002  R. Ernst S. white, gilt edge; style arms white, yellow on crests; F. white ground sanded and marked violet and magenta, 1/4" yellow marginal band; beards yellow; ruffled

$4.00 White City 1939 Murrell White

$4.00 Wild Thing  1995  Schreiner  Heavily ruffled deep maroon claret self; style arms maroon claret and yellow; beards yellow, end purple; pronounced sweet fragrance

$5.00  Wild West Wind  2001  L. Baumunk S. and style arms blended tan, hint of purple; F. light gold, center lighter, blending to tan edge; beards orange; ruffled

$4.00  Winds Of Change  1993  B. Hager Fluted and ruffled light sky blue; beards white, tipped yellow in throat

$4.00  Witching  1992  B. Blyth S. sky blue; F. blue, overlaid tan, rose tan to golden tan shading; beards violet, tipped bronze

$5.00 World Premier  1998  Schreiner  S. and style arms blue white; F. dark blue violet, white rim; beards yellow, base blue; ruffled

$4.00  Yaquina Blue  1992  Schreiner  Ruffled medium blue; beards yellow, tipped white

Not Available   Yes  1996  B Blyth S. pure white; F. honey yellow; beards vivid tangerine.

$4.00  Yipes Stripes  1990  P. Black S. buff pink; F. bright red purple with white ray markings extending from hafts about halfway down; orange beard; slight musky fragrance.